TSA Now Invading Personal Information PRIOR TO YOU ENTERING AIRPORT

So, the race is on for the invasion of privacy. Which anti-constitutional agency will win, the TSA, or the NSA?


Lest we forget the IRS, invading your neighbor's personal business information to pilfer his earnings and now going in to grab money from you if you don't buy health insurance.




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Cut the Crap, Episode 4

I could give you a load of excuses why things aren't going well for me right now, but that is not really why I am writing this series, is it? No! I'm here to cut the crap. So as valid as those excuses are, they do not belong here, in Cut the Crap, Episode 4.


Obama Homeland Nominee Approved Drone Strikes and Killing Without Trial

That's the "Peace Prize" winner making that choice, in case any of your leftist friends forgot.



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Yay! Mark Cuban Beats the Feds and BLASTS THEM!

Great job, Mr. Cuban! A libertarian strikes back!


Please lisen to our pod about this story, and about how so-called "insider trading" bans are anti-freedom and bad economics!



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If You Had Hired a Private Fire Dept., Would You Accept This Behavior?

Amazing. And the lame excuse the Chief offers is inconsitent with what actually appeared on their "Emergency Tweet".


Check it out...




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A Smart Idea from Utah Folk Who Protest NSA: Adopt-a-Highway

A very good move from folks who are near the nexus for the NSA: its new Data Collection Center.


By paying ransom to the state in an "Adopt-A-Highway" system, they're making room to walk by the side of the road and show signs opposing the NSA. Interesting. What do you think about the idea?


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US Gubment Funding Study to Use Twitter to Measure Population 'Depression'

Whether you like the idea of this study or not, is it appropriate to tell other citizens they MUST pay for it?




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New Revelations by Snowden, Greenwald: NSA Collects Personal Contact Info of Millions

But don't forget, the "FISA" court that issues secret "warrants" (otherwise known as NOT warrants) says collection of data is fine. Sure, they didn't mean personal contact data, they meant so-called meta-data. Funny that meta-data is ALSO private. Sooooo, both kinds of collection are... um...

...UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And beyond that, even if they were, where, exactly, did you or any of us sign the so-called "social contract"?


Wait. You mean it's just a fictitious veneer painted on coercion via gubment? It doesn't exist?


You must be one of those anarchists Harry Reid warned us about.


Worldwide Protests Over Monsanto

This is a corporation that has been using the feds and other gubments to gain market advantage. Free markets don't welcome that kind of behavior.




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Consider Market-Based Parks v Gubment Parks, Shutdowns, Exclusion of Visitors

Here's a piece to start the thought-investigation: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/9/rangers-arrest-21-venturi...

You'll see that the Grand Canyon federal Park Rangers have arrested 21 people for venturing onto lands that their own taxes have paid to supposedly keep the place going.

US Medical Fascism Law To Share Civilian Data w Law Enforcement, FOIA FIlers

We have tried to tell people that since the bogusly titled Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the federal gubment has claimed the statutory power to collect your private data. It began doing so last year. Now, it claims the statutory power to share that with police agencies as part of the also bogusly named "Affordable Care Act".


Nothing like that 4th Amendment, and those warrants to collect personal information, huh?




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Yellowstone Fed Cops Keep Tourists in Hotel Under Armed Guard

It's amazing how people can take their dedication to their superiors to such lengths that they will actually force people to stay in hotels, and brandish weapons against them if the people try to leave.


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Truckers Who Plan to Block DC Roads, Arrest Congress Members, Banned from Twitter

Here's a link to the latest ins-and-outs of the group, as depictd by the pop media:




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The Absurdities of the Fake Gubment Shutdown

Here's one. A couple was illegally detained at the Gettysburg nightmare site for driving on a "closed" road:


Here's another. The feds have continually tried to stop people from even LOOKING at Mt. Rushmore:


And... Let's see... How about this? http://www.infowars.com/government-shutdown-not-slowing-down-warmongers/

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Can We Entice You with a New Horror Novella?

Yo! Gard here! I thought I'd stop by and let you all know that the folks at Pendragon Press in Wales have given me the green light! I can announce that "Bite", my debut novella, is now officially available for pre-order! :) YEAHHH! I hope you like it! Here's the blog post at my writer's blog, aptly titled Gardner Goldsmith dot com. Spread the word! Pendragon has the UK and EU rights, but they will ship the book anywhere, so US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, it's all good, fellow Conspirators!

Here's more info on the book, and a couple blog posts that show you the amazing artwork and nice blurbs from some of my favorite authors! 


Troubling Aspects of the Reaction of the Capitol Police Chasing and Killing Unarmed Woman

A lot of troubling things about the Capitol police shooting that unarmed woman. First, they didn't try to disable or stop the car. Second, the pop media depicted the woman as armed, brandishing a firearm - completely false. Third, the pop media reported that a police officer had been injured, associating the injury with this supposedly armed woman. In fact, there is now video that shows the cop wasn't even near the incident, and he crashed his own car into a center-road obstacle (DC streets are a mess), becoming injured by the airbag. There are reports that the woman was killed when she got out of the car - unarmed. There are others that she was killed in the car - once it stopped - with an 18 month old baby inside. Fifteen shots fired at the time.

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