Can We Entice You with a New Horror Novella?

Yo! Gard here! I thought I'd stop by and let you all know that the folks at Pendragon Press in Wales have given me the green light! I can announce that "Bite", my debut novella, is now officially available for pre-order! :) YEAHHH! I hope you like it! Here's the blog post at my writer's blog, aptly titled Gardner Goldsmith dot com. Spread the word! Pendragon has the UK and EU rights, but they will ship the book anywhere, so US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, it's all good, fellow Conspirators!

Here's more info on the book, and a couple blog posts that show you the amazing artwork and nice blurbs from some of my favorite authors!

I hope I can generate lots of interest! It would be great to let the folks at Pendragon know they made a good choice in picking up my book. :)


Be Seeing You!