Can We Entice You with a New Horror Novella?

Yo! Gard here! I thought I'd stop by and let you all know that the folks at Pendragon Press in Wales have given me the green light! I can announce that "Bite", my debut novella, is now officially available for pre-order! :) YEAHHH! I hope you like it! Here's the blog post at my writer's blog, aptly titled Gardner Goldsmith dot com. Spread the word! Pendragon has the UK and EU rights, but they will ship the book anywhere, so US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, it's all good, fellow Conspirators!

Here's more info on the book, and a couple blog posts that show you the amazing artwork and nice blurbs from some of my favorite authors!

Richard Matheson, the Single Greatest Genre Writer in Modern Times, Has Died

With a career that spanned westerns, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and even non-fiction, Richard Matheson has had the greatest influence on contemporary genre television, books, and film of any writer. Rest in peace, Mr. Matheson. You changed many of our lives with your ideas and style, your drive to create and entertain, your drive to investigate the worlds beyond this world.

From the UA Army to writing to support a family, he never looked back. A founding member of the unofficial California School, Mr. Matheson influenced everyone from Stephen King (who said he would not be a writer if it weren't for Mr. Matheson), to F. Paul Wilson.

For those unfamiliar, a starter:

Author Ray Bradbury Has Passed Away, RIP

The author of such astounding work as "Farenheit 451" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes", has died. He was productive until his final days. A great stylist, his beautiful form of writing was matched by his stories themselves. He has left an indellible mark on the world and the fiction of the world. Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury.

Be Seeing You!

Our Friend, Author Leslie Banks, Has Died.

She was a gracious person and talented writer. She came down with a very deadly form of cancer. Rest in peace, LA Banks.


Be Seeing You

Good New Books!

Yep! The penultimate Repairman Jack Novel is OUT! Take a look-see! And remember, the NYT "bestsellers" list is compiled using a strange, mystical algorythm in which its not just numbers, but numbers in the FIRST TWO WEEKS that determine whether something is listed. If you order these now, you help cement a better position for the books!

And try this on for size. Stephen Jones does great work compiling the best in the horror field!

Visit These Sites for Great Novels!

Those who have gotten to hear our conversation with Jonathan Oliver might like to tell their friends about the great books he and his team publish.

Think horror, sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy, anthologies... So much good stuff!

With big thanks to Jon, here are the links!


Take a look, and then enjoy the stories!


And remember to find the Abaddon Books Podcast on Itunes!


Be Seeing You!

In Concert with Our Conversation with Ellen Datlow - A Look at SOME of Her Publications! Get 'Em!

Did you hear Gard's conversation with Ellen Datlow, the great anthology editor?

Well, you can find her work here! Buy some, and drink deep the great stories!

Here are the "Best Horror of the Year" anthologies, so far... and

Vote Now for the Freedom Book Club Book of the Year!

Head on over, and get your vote in by Feb 15th! The winner will be announced at the 2010 Liberty Forum, in Nashua, NH, and will have a donation made in his honor to the Liberty Scholarship Fund!

Be Seeing You!

Wrath James White

Intrigued about the work of this breakthrough writer? Wanna go beyond what you learned in our featured interview with Wrath? Then visit the Horror Mall, or go to Wrath's Blog site! It's at!

Take a Look at Our Video Player for the Start of a Series All About Shakespeare, Marlowe, Education, and Sam Blumenfeld!

We've posted the first of Sam's talks on Marlowe and Shakespeare, as well as the first part of Sam's lecture series on the history of government destruction of American education, and how you can tutor your child to save his future. For more of Sam's education series, go to his great website:


Tell as many as you can, because too many kids are being destroyed by the dumbed-down, look-say education system of the US government school systems.


Be Seeing You!

G-Man Nails Second Place in Flash Fiction Writing Contest, and Second in Erotic Fiction Contest at KILLERCON!

Huge thanks to the people at Killercon for organizing such a cool event. And, thanks to the population of great novelists and short story authors, you can look to the Liberty conspiracy for upcoming interviews with some of the most talented writers in the world!

Gard says "Thanks!"

Be Seeing You!

The New Author Pod! Weston Ochse!

If you want to read some cool stuff, from a great writer, then check out the work of Weston Ochse, the man featured in our special production for 9-15-09! You can find his work at and you can find out more about 'da man' by visiting his site,!

Be Seeing You!

The Conspiracy is Pleased to Suggest the Debut Novel from Rhodi Hawk, "A Twisted Ladder"!

Check out this first novel from an author who has received praise from F. Paul Wilson, Tess Gerritsen, and Heather Graham. This book is excellent, cats!

Rhodi will stop by the Toadstool Bookshop on the second appearance of her national tour for "A Twisted Ladder". It's happening Saturday, Sept. 5th, at 7 pm in Milford, NH!

Hope you can stop by. Check out the book, and meet another pro-freedom author!

Be Seeing You!

8-15: Tonight! The Freedom Bookclub Hosts a Special Conference Call with Libertarian Author Wayne Simmons! 11 pm GMT!

Join Furb and the Freedom Bookclub TONIGHT as he and Wayne Simmons open up the phone lines for folks to talk about writing, horror stories, freedom, and Wayne's books, including his already published "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and his upcoming release!

Details? Welllll, here ya go!

Date: 15 August 2009
Time: 11 PM GMT +1

Dial: 605.475.4895
Access code: 994869#

Visit for more information!

Be Seeing You!


Gard's New Novella Now Published in the CABAL Group!

Hope you dig it, CABAL members! It will be up for a limited amount of time, and is NOT for republication!

Thanks for your support and dedication to liberty and creativity!

Be Seeing You!

Enjoy the Weekend with an Interview of Award Winning Author Christopher Golden!

If you're familiar with Chris' work, you need no introduction. But if you're just discovering this award winning writer of fantasy, horror and suspense, then you're in for a treat with no tricks! One of the nicest and most inventive guys out there on shelves, Mr. Golden's writing spans the spectrum from Fantasy to Horror, to dark suspense, to young adult, to non-fiction (get the book on BUFFY!), to... well you can see for yuzself by visiting !

Look for the latest news there, and look for his books at!

Be seeing you!


cover of Crashing Paradise: A Novel of the MenagerieCrashing Paradise: A Novel of the Menagerie
cover of Mind the Gap: A Novel of the Hidden CitiesMind the Gap: A Novel of the Hidden Cities
cover of The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden CitiesThe Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities
cover of The Boys Are Back in TownThe Boys Are Back in Town
cover of The Myth Hunters (The Veil, Book 1)The Myth Hunters (The Veil, Book 1)
cover of The Borderkind (The Veil, Book 2)The Borderkind (The Veil, Book 2)
cover of The Watcher's Guide, Volume 1 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)The Watcher's Guide, Volume 1 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Check Out The CABAL Interview with Prometheus Winner J. Neil Schulman! Big Thanks to Furb and Neil!

One of our most productive CABAL members recently took steps to interview the great science-fiction author, J. Neil Schulman, whose classic "Alongside Night" is returning, in print, and film and online versions! If you haven't had a chance to listen, check out Furb's great conversation with this fascinating proponent of freedom! Click on the link below to visit the homepage of our audios, or hit our ITUNES link here on the Main Page to subscribe!

Look this weekend for an interview with the great Christopher Golden!

Be Seeing You!

Thank You Voters at! "Live Free or Die" Wins for Book of the Month!

Big thanks everyone. Gard's book, "Live Free or Die: Essays on Liberty by New Hampshire Libertarians" has won the "Second Chance" vote, and is now the FreedomBookClub Book of the Month!

Find out more, and how the website promotes pro-liberty books and their writers, at!

Be Seeing You!

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