Cool Pro-Freedom Musicians: "The Krissy Boyd Trio", from Canada

Best to the band. Check out their twitter feed and then listen to their music, or vice-versa! :)



MUsic samples:


Best to Krissy Boyd and the band!


Be Seeing You!

Feds Raid Gibson Guitars - EPA Thugs Confiscate WOODEN Instruments

Did you know this happened before, in 2009? Not only is the EPA an unconstitutional agency, this raid ought to show any left-winger-statist that giving government the power to stop peaceful transactions in order to block what they don't like will also give government the power to block peacefl transactions that THEY DO LIKE.


Upcoming NH Seacoast Fringe Festival Schedule

It looks like it will be pretty cool. If you're in NH, MA or ME, check it out!

Click on the links to get the info you need!


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A Strong Suggestion! The NEW DANKO JONES Video! WATCH, or LEMMY WILL GET YOU!

The Mango Kid does it again! Go to for more information! AND BUY THE BAND'S NEW DISC!!


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The Vegas Shakedown is Coming!

You've got to see this. Bands like Electric Frankenstein, the New Bomb Turks, and Throwrag are lined up to play! AWESOME!!!!!


The 2001 Shakedown featured such amazing talents as "Demons" (from Sweden), '68 Comeback, The Briefs, Lords of Altamont, Sons of Hercules (!!!), The Gaza Strippers, DMZ (!!), The Short Fuses (!!!), and a little known band at the time called, "The White Stripes"...

If you miss this, you're a turd.

No denying, okay?

Here's the first info, at Myspace. The main website is being built!

Be Seeing You -- AT THE SHAKEDOWN, in AUGUST!!!

Check Out The FREE New DANKO JONES Cut, via SPIN Online!

Doctor Evening Keeps Going Strong! THE MANGO KID CONTINUES TO ROCK!

Get the song!


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Music News! DANKO JONES to Play Canadian Arena Tour Supporting Guns N' Roses!

A big step in the course of North America finally GETTING how slamming good Danko Jones is (ARE!)

Congrats to the band for getting such a great tour! Check the site for details of their appearances!

Be Seeing You!

A Big Ol' Conspiracy Concert Review and Suggestion! -- Nashville Pussy!

Malcolm Salls Gives Us The Lowdown, Baby!


A staple on the garage scene since forming in1996, Atlanta, Georgia's Nashville Pussy recently came to Boston's House of Blues in support of The Reverend Horton Heat and Motorhead this Sunday, September 6th. The 4 piece brought their unique brand of redneck garage punk metal southern rock to a appreciative Beantown crowd, melting faces, kicking asses, and breaking a few hearts during the all too short, albeit blistering set.

From the opening call and response of, "what time is it?", "its PUSSY time!!", to the final strains of feedback, the band did not disappoint.

The New MUSE Disc - ON SALE IN US NOW! Join the Resistance!

Since the fantastic British trio MUSE first began popping up on European MP3 players and in CD players, only Americans who really searched for great new music had heard of them. This will no longer be the case. Muse just played a scorching set at a special show connected to the MTV Video Awards, and their new disc, "The Resistance"is NOW AVAILABLE in the US! (A week after the Brits got their hands on it!)

Consider checking out their blistering talent and creativity, which they use to great effect in promoting the principles of individual liberty!

Here is their official website!

Song vs. Song! BILE Takes Round 3! What a GREAT BATTLE!

That was a blast, cats! Bile wins it 55% to 45% after a beautifully played battle between him and the awesome Conspirator Adam Wilcox!

Lard's "War Pimp Renaissance" beats Denver Harbor's "Xenophobia" in a titanic battle that was close all the way through! Congrats BILE, and a tip o' the hat to Adam who picked a really great song to get some exposure! Adam will be back in our Second Chance Round!

Bile now moves into the "King of the Hill" category, for a future battle against other possible three-time winners! In two weeks: Two new contenders!

Be Seeing You!

DANKO TO TEAM UP WITH THE DAMNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU--MUST--GO!


YES! This is about as "ultimate" a combination as could ever exist! DANKO will be on tour in the US supporting the DAMNED!!!!!




Be Seeing You!

SONG vs. SONG Three!!! Listen and Vote Now!

Song v Song Three! Champ Bile takes on Challenger Adam in the epic battle of musical choices! Check it out here,

And then, vote here!

Be Seeing You!

Song vs. Song 2: BILE Wins AGAIN!

Bile grabs another victory with his musical choice of Kamelot over the mighty Jason Osborne with his selection by Pennywise! It played out 56% to 44%, with a big surge for Osborne in the final hours!

And, WOW, did we get lots of votes! Thanks everybody! If Bile can win for one more round, he will secure a place for the finals, where we'll reserve something VERY cool for the ultimate VICTOR!

Osborne will have a second chance to return to the field of competition later, so we suspect he will be plotting and planning for his future choice!

Big thanks to everybody for making it so much fun! Bile moves on to defend his title, but against whom????????

Heh, heh...

We'll reveal that in a few days!


Be Seeing You!

Wanna See Vid of the Best Band to Come from Boston Thus Far? Click Our Player and Watch THE ZULUS!

This is from 1996, when they got back together to play two sold-out shows at TT The Bear's Place, in Cambridge (the same place where Larry Bangor stripped while standing on a milk crate and singing!) Then watch the side project that Zulus guitarist Rich Gilbert started (one of many), the Concussion Ensemble! FOUR drummers, two guitarists! AMAZING! It's at the bottom of our opening page!

If you don't know The Zulus, look for their emponymous first disc, which is nearly impossible to get, and then their one CD, produced by Bob Mould. The CD didn't capture their raw power. It was a bit too produced. But the first disc, ahhhh yes. And if only their DEMO TAPES would be put on CD or on Itunes! YES!

Song v Song Round One Closes! Winning Song Takes It by ONE Vote!


BILE's choice, Psychotica's "Modern Utopia" wins by just one vote! ONE VOTE!!! AMAZING!!! Way to go, guys! Great songs!!! Bile will return next week for another battle, with a new song! Meanwhile, Furb will be asked back for a second chance battle later this year!

Can't wait for more!

Thank you ALL for voting!

ACLU Files Suit Against TSA on Behalf of Campaign 4 Liberty Workers + New Music Poll!

The story behind how a Campaign for Liberty employee was hassled by the TSA is very revealing, and remember, the entire TSA paradigm is unconstitutional and anti-free market, so you can go ahead and feel royally angry at their existence!!! :-)

Also, we have a new MUSIC poll on the site! Take a look, and cast yer vote!

Be Seeing You!

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