Scientists Develop a Device that Stops Speech

Interesting, with dangerous implications when it comes to government getting its hands on it.


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EU Bureaucrats' Mandate to Bottled Water Sellers: Water Doesn't Hydrate

This is an excellent example of how pop media sources often miss the forest for the trees. As you read this piece, you will probably note the acknowledgment of absurdity the authors offer. Clearly, based on the way the story is structured and the interviews conducted, the authors don't much care for this silly edict. But what is the basis of their dislike? It is the fact that they have differing opinions, and think it counter-productive and silly for EU gubment agents to claim something that runs so counter to what they, the authors, and many others know: drinking water DOES hydrate the body.

What is MISSED here is the larger question, which can be set up thus;

US Admin Delays Christmas Tree Tax

Don't you love how magnanimous our overlords are? Oh, THANK YOU, GREAT GODS OF GUBMENT!


Amusing that the taxers claim that the tax wouldn't effect the price of a tree.


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US Congress Rejects EU Carbon Tax on US Overseas Carriers

Though the globe has been cooling since 1998, the EU is set to impose a carbon tax on carriers traveling to EU nations -- that includes US carriers. It will steal billions of Dollars from the airlines hit with the tax.

The US Congress just passed a bill to "protect" US carriers from this tax. How this will not lead to some kind of trade dispute remains uncertain, but one thing is sure, the EU is desparate for money, and this is one of the ways they will steal it.


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Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Resigns Over Anthropogenic "Global Warming" Claims

There are thousands of scientists, from meterologists, to climatologists, to chemists and more who agree with this man.


Politics has been influencing science for years. The scientific method is no longer the standard for certain lines of inquiry. In fact, inquiry isn't even the correct term any more. It's propaganda in the guise of science.


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Feds Raid Gibson Guitars - EPA Thugs Confiscate WOODEN Instruments

Did you know this happened before, in 2009? Not only is the EPA an unconstitutional agency, this raid ought to show any left-winger-statist that giving government the power to stop peaceful transactions in order to block what they don't like will also give government the power to block peacefl transactions that THEY DO LIKE.


American Electric Power Says It Will Close Five Power Plants Due to EPA Reg Costs

Ahh yes, while Australian politicians push the idea that camels should be killed en masse, US politicians and bureaucrats prepare to impose costs of $6 Billion to 8 Billion on coal power plants in order to "stop climate change." Since "climate change' is a garbage term created by the hucksters who tried to sell "global warming" and were rebuffed by temperature data that shows the earth has COOLED since 1998, the shams have used the term "climate change" to impose more regulations and fees on energy supliers and manufacturers. American Electric says it will be forced to shut down at least five plants if the regulations are imposed as planned.

Please check out this piece...

Australian Gubment: Kill Camels to Stop "Climate Change"?

So, despite the fact that global temperatures went flat in 1998, the camels must be exterminated.

If there were true private property paradigms in place, and the government weren't involved, we could actually SEE if peoples' interests were being harmed by the camels, and the process to handle it would more closely conform to what people wanted.

But, that's not the way politicians allow people to operate.

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EPA Moves Unilaterally To Push for More Energy Restrictions and Expenses

Despite the fact that the sham they now call "Climate Change" used to be called anthropogenic "Global Warming" until some scientists began to explode the myth, these bureaucrats are scrambling to impose more costs on those who provide energy to us, with no real change for cleaner air, and with not even a nod to the Constitution.

Check out this piece, if you can stand the back-and-forth way the author keeps bouncing away from the main topic to talk about others. Ugh!

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Al Gore Finally Admits: Ethanol Subsidies Are Dumb - How Many Years Late is He?

Even as he says this, Congress is pushing another $5 Billion in Ethanol subsidies... RIGHT NOW.

How many years have we been saying Ethanol is a net energy LOSER due to the amount of energy it requires to sow and reap the corn and then distill the corn oil?

He's finally admitting, "the energy conversion ratios are very small..." We talked about this in 2005. We talked about how the push by the gubment to buy more ethanol and to force more of it into our gas pushes the price of corn, and all products tied to corn (such as beef and pork and foodstuffs sweetened with corn sweetener) up, up, up!

Duh. Is that the correct word?

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Harry Reid Arrives at "Green Conference" w/ Fleet of SUVs

Ahh, don't you just love the sweet smell of hypocrasy in the morning? It smells of... Hypocrasy!

Sorry, couldn't help but mangle "Deer Hunter", I mean, "Apocalypse Now"...

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Simple Blood Test May detect Alzheimer's Disease

This could be a mega-breakthrough.

Good thing it's coming before medicine gets completely politicized. Not much time left...


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Jack Horkheimer, "Star Hustler/Gazer", RIP

The man who started his TV astronomy career as the "Star Hustler" and later changed it to "Star Gazer" to help Google-ing kids avoid internet porn, has died at the age of 72.

Many of us in the Conspiracy are familiar with his work. El G Grande was a big fan as a kid, and often did impressions of him on the radio (one wonders if anyone else did it, too!!).

His story is remarkable.,0,...

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Medical Breakthrough by UK Scientists Could Save Thousands of Children -- But THE LAW Stands in the Way

Just as in the US, the so-called "ethicists" have it wrong. This is not cloning, and it doesn't present a situation where there are "three parents". It simply replaces mitochondria. Um, duh?

Meanwhile, the deaths and pain caused by such birth defects will continue until the law is changed. In the US, the FDA causes similar problems by delaying medical devices and drugs that could save peoples' lives. It has been far more destructive than protective.

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Horse's Arse John McCain Proposes Federal Regulation of Vitamins

Once again, the leftist Republican faction shows itself. These jerks never learn, do they?

Paternalism is rife in both of those losing parties. You're too dumb to decide for yourself. You have to have your money extracted from you to pay for bureaucrats who have no profit and loss motive, and they'll take care of your safety. Yeah, that'll work!

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12 yr Old Child ARRESTED, HANDCUFFED, for Doodling on School Desk!

File this under: "But we can't think of any other option! Gubment school is so gooooooood!"

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More Climate Change "Mistakes" Exposed

Of course, free market promoters have been talking about these mistakes for years, but it takes the pop media a loooong time to discover it all.

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