FURB's Cut the Crap Blog, Episode 3

FURB (left) gets his MVP schwag from Primerica Regional Vice President Phillip O. Cochrane (right)

First the good news:. I was MVP in my office for the month of August. I received a 15% raise! I was promoted to district leader. So good things are happening for me in my business. This is great for me, as I badly need to bolster my finances.

However, I am still struggling.

FURB's Cut the Crap Blog, Volume 2

Fear of Mothra

Well Hi there!

Welcome to the second installment of my Cut the Crap series of blog posts.

On August 27. 2013 I took and passed my Life Insurance Lincense Exam, scoring 85 out of a possible 100 correct answers. Woo-hoo.  While that is a pretty terrific score and all, I'm afraid that the hard work has only just begun.  I am now set to start studying for my series 6 & 63 Securities Licensing Exam.

Really, the problem I'm having right now is fear.  

"Fear of what?" You ask?

Giant Catfish Faces Extinction: A Fish Story?

It is unknown how many Mekong Giant Catfish there are in existense according to my soon to be released audio production on this topic.  I make reference to this blog post a couple of times in that audio, so I'm posting it in advance.

The audio is derived from two videos that I encountered.

Back! With more content! We welcome Conspirators!

Hi, all!


It's been a while since we've been able to post at the site, so we hope you pardon the delay! 


Just some simple things to send to you occasionally, as we work on turning the hope of building the site more soon.


If you're interested, take a look at GG's new articles at the Media research Center site! They're not entirely libertairan or anarcho-capitalist, but they asked me to write for them, and it gives me a great opportunity to slide ideas of total freedom towards the paleo conservative crowd!


Hope you like! Be Seeing You!

Cut the Crap, Episode 4

I could give you a load of excuses why things aren't going well for me right now, but that is not really why I am writing this series, is it? No! I'm here to cut the crap. So as valid as those excuses are, they do not belong here, in Cut the Crap, Episode 4.


John McCain and the War Pigs Descend on Syria


The other evening when I was traveling home from work, I heard a recording of Black Sabbath's War Pigs on the radio. I was literally moved to tears. You must be thinking that I'm mental to cry over something that kicks ass as much as that song.

Obama to Sign Int'l Gun Ctrl Treaty June 3rd

Un Logo dirty window

Two weeks ago Mr. Goldsmith and I discussed the possibility of the U.S. Government enforcing the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Now it seems that the Prez will be signing a treaty restricting the right of American's to own and use firearms.  We briefly discussed Rand Paul's uppityness about the prospect of the Gov't of the U.S. enforcing such a treaty.  We'll dig into this a little more.  For more from my source, see this article from the Breitbart.

Will U.S. Force WA, CO To Comply With Convention on Psychotropic Substances?

I read an article posted by Cathy Smith (the wife of Sci-fi writer L. Neil Smith) which posited that Obama will force Colorado and Washington states to comply with U.N. treaty.

UK Libel Law Gets an Update, Hampers Privacy

I hope to discuss this with Gardner on Monday's Show, 2013-05-13.  I hope we get a chance to.


European Union Wants to Regulate Growing of All Fruits and Veggies?

Fruits and Veggie Cultivation to Be Regulated In the EU

Yeah I know this seems a bit far fetched, but I think this is something that warrants further discussion.  I'll be modifying this post as I prepare to discuss this with Gard.  

The Red Dwarf's Are Coming, The Red Dwarf's Are Coming!


The new season of Red Dwarf is soon to air (Well, on October 4th for you lucky British viewers anyways), and several sites are already offering Dwarfer's a sneak peek at what's to come. The original Boys from the Dwarf are returning for a six part series called Red Dwarf X, which will probably be putting an end cap on the show for good, though as a fan myself I certainly hope not!


There's also some talk about a Red Dwarf and Doctor Who crossover, though it's mainly founded on interviews with the Red Dwarf cast detailing their interest in the Doctor Who series as fans themselves.


Check the links for videos & Who info! See attached image for my fun Rimmer photoshop edit.


Oh and Gardner, you're welcome! Enjoy! :)

Should the Federal Reserve Be Abolished?

What follows is my entry into the 2011 edition of the Foundation for Economic Education's Eugene S. Thorpe Writing Competition.  


According to an e-mail I received on March 7, 2012

[quote=Foundation for Economic Education]

The Real Lincoln: A Gateway to the Fifth Dimension

The following was originally posted as a guest post on Heather's Harmony, a travel blog.  Go there for interesting insights into a person planning to escape from the United States.

The Real Lincoln    Lincoln the Hater

Obama is not a Keynesian, He's an American!!! [Video]

Enjoy these Friday funnies!!

A few people from the stewart/colbert rally letting the reporter know that they dont think President Obama is a KEYNESIAN.



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