CABAL BLOG! Number 11057395339458.18! -- Antitrust Laws and the Cost of Healthcare

Antitrust laws, like nearly all government action, create the opposite effect of what their proponents claim will happen. Antitrust laws over the decades have made healthcare more expensive and less available. Antitrust laws are so convoluted and asinine (as well as unconstitutional) that one can be convicted for pricing a product too high (price gouging), too low (predatory pricing) and the same as others in the marketplace (collusion). In fact, those involved with healthcare now risk prosecution if they attempt to lower healthcare costs as demanded by non-president Obama two weeks ago. (He is one to talk about controlling costs!)

CABAL BLOG! Rokon! -- The Library: A Lesson in Government Mismanagement versus Market Power to Please

I was in e-mail contact with Gard Goldsmith a couple of days ago, and he told me a story that I thought perfectly exemplified the difference between the way markets operate, and the way the government/political world operates. Gard, hope you don't mind me taking your story and running with it!

It starts with him mentioning that he ran into a lady at work who was looking for the book "New Moon, which is the second in the best-selling "Twilight" series, by Stephanie Meyer (you're right G-Man, she's a pretty lady!). Well, this woman told Gard that her daughter loved the series and that they'd called their library to get it, but that there was a TWELVE person waiting list for it!

CABAL Blog: Smoking is Healthier than Fascism!

The government of Gong'an, a county in China, is ordering its employees to smoke 230,000 locally made cigarettes. (Is their pension fund out of money?);_y...

Also, an article on Obama's tax plan, which will PRESUME GUILTY of tax violations anyone who engages in business with a foreign bank that does not "cooperate" with the Treasury Department. Expect other laws that preemptively presume guilt to follow soon...


CABAL BLOG! by FURB: Pieces of Eight vs. Pieces of...


The following is a three minute speach I prepared for an event.

Liberty Dollar Hoard

CABAL Blog! Search & Seizure, National Databases and Health Care in the News

This is insane! The FBI raided at least two data centres and seized the servers, equipment and data of hundreds of businesses, not just the target of the raid. As a result these businesses lost their data, could not process transactions and could not support their customers. Many businesses and individuals have been ruined by the disruption and loss of data. Just the thing we need right now, eh?

With money so tight and the government spending trillions that it doesn't have, what better way to blow money than to build more spy satellites and take over private satellites during a national emergency:

CABAL Blog: Goldsmith on Looming Spectre of Cap and Trade



"Capn' Trade Cereal: Don't Buy It!"


2009 P. Gardner Goldsmith


            As Liberty Conspirators have discussed, there is a growing trend among Republidemocans to push something called "Cap and Trade" in energy "policy" (ie fascism and meddling in the energy market). Along with discussions about how the "Obama Plan" will "restore the economy", the Cap n' Trade salesmen claim that this is a "free market alternative" to federal regulations, one which will help reduce "climate emissions", and skirt around the problem of "the commons".

CABAL Blog! IRS News & Nonsense

Students draw guns in a mock IRS arrest of a 'tax cheat'.

It's about that time again... Snowfall and snow mounds are finally receding in the northern states and spring is creeping its way forward: The birds are singing, the squirrels are at play, and the IRS is excitedly looking forward to bending you over and giving it to you good and hard!

These are their stories:

Story 1: Identity Theft Leads To Tax Fraud Nightmare For Couple:

From the Article:

""Innocently, I was looking for a job, like I've done every day for the last four months," explains Steve Spann.

CABAL Blog! Gitmo & Fritzl

Last week, the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, admitted what some of us had known for years - that many prisoners held indefinitely at Guantanamo as "enemy combatants" are actually innocent. These prisoners were in some cases captured during sweeps, refugees turned in for a bounty or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The military continued to hold these prisoners, without trial, knowing that many of their prisoners are innocent. According to Col. Wilkerson, "it did not matter if a detainee were [sic] innocent. Indeed, because he lived in Afghanistan and was captured on or near the battle area, he must know something of importance." (Just how much information on our own government's activities do we know?)

CABAL Blog! Geithner: Market Won't Solve Economic Problems - A Case Of The 'We Saw It Coming's

Geithner: Super Hero, or Super Villain?

One year ago, on an episode of Gardner Goldsmith's former radio show, Against The Grain, episode titled 'The Many Troubles With Tax Day', which aired 4/15/2008, Gardner ran an audio clip of El Presidente Georges Bush stating "The good news is we anticipated this and took decisive action to bolster the economy by passing a growth package that would put money into the hands of American workers and businesses." (9:40 into the podcast), which I suppose is a step up from Bush's most insightful "working hard to put food on your family" observation, but not by much.

CABAL BLOG: Justice Anthony Kennedy: "Modestly Libertarian"? by Peppermint Pig

Helen Knowles, 'Political Scientist', and I use that term loosely, makes the argument in her latest book that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is 'modestly libertarian' for his 'consistent adherence towards "the basic, fundamental principles" of individualism and limited government'. We're referring to the very same Justice Kennedy who sided with the Feds against California's legalization of medical marijuana, or voting in favor of eminent domain in the Kelo versus City of New London case, a more familiar and abhorrent issue to those passionate about the preservation of liberty and property rights.


CABAL BLOG!: Second Hand Books vs. Second Hand Food: The Disparity Between Ideas Protected By Intellectual Property - By Furb


A while ago I was reading the forums at a very fun book website called I came across a message posted by CynthiaA. In it she talks about how her friend (who works for a Canadian publisher) feels that people that use websites to acquire free books are going to cost her the job she loves. CynthiaA's friend had sent a link to a New York Times piece that contends increases in efficiency in the secondhand book market are causing problems throughout the publishing industry.

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