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FDA Bans Supplements

On July 3rd, the day before the holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims our God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), without input of the public, and in the convenient cover of a distracted public and claiming the authority of the disingenuously named "Food Safety Modernization Act" (FSMA), has usurped a key component of our health - the right to use supplements. The FDA did this by issuing new guidelines for the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that call for a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) protocol. The NDI would essentially ban supplements.


Almost every day, the government reveals themselves to be the gangsters that they are. In this case, the US Department of Agriculture demands over $90,000 to "settle" $4 Million in fines against a backyard rabbitry. Since I don't have much time to write, I'll let the blogs speak for themselves:

More Food Fascism

As a foodie, this really gores my ox! Cheesemakers are being persecuted to the point of financial ruin by the unconstitutional, fascist FDA on ridiculous charges. The first article is a synopsis from one of my favourite blogs; the second is a podcast.



The Outrages Pile on....

Just got in and found these stories on Yahoo.... Osama presses for longer school years I don't have time to get started on how the education industry is a racket and how children are spoiled and overprotected... If Osama has his way, as one observer pointed out, he would destroy the vacation industry and vast regions of the US. The Northern part of this state heavily relies on travel. How is this to be paid for? With federal grants with strings attached? Children need free time to recharge, develop and grow. Free time and imagination are essential to both children and adults! Do we really want to be like Japan and Germany, the examples given in the article?

Surprise! Health Fascism Law Requires Reporting of $600 Transactions

Buried in the health care takeover legislation is a mandate that businesses report all payments that total $600 or more per year on Form 1099, even for purchases of goods. Currently, this is required only for things like contractor payments, interest and dividends.

Brown, McCain and Lieberman unveil bill to strip Americans of citizenship and try them before military tribunals

I am disgusted... what can I say but this is pure FASCISM!!!! I sensed a bad vibe when Scott Brown was being promoted by conservatives as the one to elect to the government to "save" Americans from the government. How quickly they have been betrayed. Or, do they even know what this means??? This will soon expand into any criticism of the government just as the use of the EVIL and inhuman tactics of torture and assasination have expanded from non-US citizens to US citizens

Watch out conservatives- you will be the first victims of these tactics that you advocate!

Here comes the war on food

Expect to see more of this Fascism now that the government has taken over healthcare. The war on salt is based on lies. The body naturaly regulates salt absorbtion. The relationship between salt and heart disease is spurious and many bureaucrats have advanced their careers by fraudulently exaggerating the connection between salt and heart disease. Could not salt difficiencies cause serious health problems as well as cause food to spoil sooner (unless replaced with other preservatives)?

 Report: FDA should FORCE rollback in salty foods

Scotty, Beam up Kirk!

Despite the lip service to promptly seat Senator-Elect Scott Brown (that was given only after massive outrage over Democrats' hypocritical double-standards in delaying his seating), Brown still has not been seated. Meanwhile, the Senate voted along party lines to increase the debt ceiling by $1.9 Trillion and confirmed Bernanke to another term at the Fed. What planet are they on?

Duh! Road projects did not lower unemployment!

In addition, these stupid projects, wasted on perfectly sound infrastructure and roads, made it more difficult and expensive to repair the infrastructure and roads that really were in disrepair! What a waste! The Congress and Administration ignored the majority of Americans who KNEW this would result in failure, fraud and financial ruin! We should not have to pay for it!

Misc tax articles

So much to say but too little time... Check out these articles:

Health takeover to penalize marriage: (Note the twisted logic and numerous perverse incentives! Also recall that the government will destroy private insurance and force people to take these "subsidies".)

Governments placing explosives in unsuspecting passengers' luggage

Outrageous! In this story, the Slovakian government placed explosives and bomb components in unsuspecting passengers' luggage. Any civillian caught with these materials would suffer very severe consequences. This is not the first time this has happened; a couple years ago, the French government also lost the explosives that it placed in unsuspecting passenger luggage. It is bad enough to search luggage but to open up the luggage of an unknowing and unconsenting passenger to place contraband? This poor passenger had his apartment raided, was labeled a terrorist and detained. What would have happened had the Slovak government not fessed up?

A glimpse into the statist mindset

Statists have been engaging in all sorts of outrageous antics to silence opposition, from media blatantly refusing to cover issues and movements involved with freedom to the bounty on a US Chamber of Commerce official. Perhaps one source of the "intellectual" (if one can call it that) foundation of the statists' determination to silence any and all dissent may be found in an essay titled  "Repressive Tolerance" by Herbert Marcuse, the "Father of the New Left". The essay is sick, twisted and actually painful to read. This essay may also be the foundation of political correctness.

Greedy Gubmint

Many who support the state do so with the specious notion that government somehow acts in the best interest of the people, that it is generous and neither self-centered nor greedy. And that there will be a recourse for injustice.

As we know, nothing could be further from the truth. I have come across a few news articles that provide blatant but little-known examples of federal, state and local governments ripping off their citizens. If this happened in an earlier age, I would expect to see pillows being emptied and cauldrons of hot tar being prepared for those involved.

Wha? UN to Text Food Vouchers???

Pure genius!

U.N. touts food vouchers sent by text
By Saeed Ahmed, CNN
October 29, 2009 4:45 a.m. EDT

(CNN) -- In what the World Food Programme called a first, relief workers from the U.N. aid agency are using text messages to deliver food vouchers to refugees.

The four-month pilot program kicked off last week in Syria, geared toward 1,000 refugee families from Iraq. If the pilot succeeds, the Food Programme plans to expand it beyond Damascus and to other countries.

Virtual vouchers offer several advantages over direct food distribution, said Abeer Etefa, the Food Programme spokeswoman for the Middle East.

New Jersey Town Pushing Curfew for All Residents

The mayor and council of a New Jersey township is calling for a "temporary" (ya, right!) curfew for everyone between 12 and 7 AM! Hey! Aren't those guys the criminals? Why are the residents being imprisioned?

I want to applaud the newsman for reminding the mayor of that "pesky Constitution"!

See  the video, "Protecting the People?" at:,2933,539741,00.html?test=latestnews#


Compensation Controls Expanding, Doctors Subsidized Both Ways!

Two days ago, it was reported that the Pay Czar wants to "claw back" executive compensation from companies that received bailout money(see ). With this precedent, where Czar Feinberg proclaimed, "anything is possible under the law," the powers to control compensation are now being expanded to include targeted businesses.  As reported in various sources today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to insurers asking for the following information:

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