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The Red Dwarf's Are Coming, The Red Dwarf's Are Coming!


The new season of Red Dwarf is soon to air (Well, on October 4th for you lucky British viewers anyways), and several sites are already offering Dwarfer's a sneak peek at what's to come. The original Boys from the Dwarf are returning for a six part series called Red Dwarf X, which will probably be putting an end cap on the show for good, though as a fan myself I certainly hope not!


There's also some talk about a Red Dwarf and Doctor Who crossover, though it's mainly founded on interviews with the Red Dwarf cast detailing their interest in the Doctor Who series as fans themselves.


Check the links for videos & Who info! See attached image for my fun Rimmer photoshop edit.


Oh and Gardner, you're welcome! Enjoy! :)

Obama is not a Keynesian, He's an American!!! [Video]

Enjoy these Friday funnies!!

A few people from the stewart/colbert rally letting the reporter know that they dont think President Obama is a KEYNESIAN.



Obama sends 100 US soldiers into Uganda


From news:

"President Obama’s deployment of 100 US combat forces to Uganda and surrounding areas has shocked many as highly unusual and even downright bizarre. But while ground troops in Africa are a comparatively rare occurrence, the decision follows a very familiar path of dominant US foreign policy."

A few more invasions and Obama can redeem his Risk cards for new units!




Ron Paul Obtains Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chairmanship

Ron Paul has announced that he will be Chairman of the Subcommittee for Monetary Policy. He is expected to continue his mission of challenging the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve in an effort to have it abolished. Look forward to a series of Congressional hearings with an unleashed Paul grilling Bernanke and company. Be sure to visit the links for more information!


Liberty & Vigilance!


When Lego Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Lego Guns: Canadian SWAT Team Raid over Lego Gun

From The Brother's Brick Blog: "Put yourself in Jeremy Bell’s shoes. You’re a creative director at Teehan+Lax, a Downtown Toronto design firm and a lifelong LEGO fan. You’re having a quiet Tuesday afternoon at the office. Hey, you just got a custom BrickGun model kit of a semi-auto handgun in the mail. Why not build it at your desk? (I for one totally understand, I just did the same thing last week with the Space Police Smash ‘n’ Grab.) After you’re done, you show the model to a co-worker, he breaks it, you put it back in its box, then unwind with some co-workers by playing video games.

Is Limited Government an Oxymoron?

Joining host Dennis McCuistion, Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (Ludwig von Mises Institute) and Doug Casey ("The Casey Report") focus their discussion on the credit crisis, free markets and limited government.


See below for video link.

CABAL Blog! IRS News & Nonsense

Students draw guns in a mock IRS arrest of a 'tax cheat'.

It's about that time again... Snowfall and snow mounds are finally receding in the northern states and spring is creeping its way forward: The birds are singing, the squirrels are at play, and the IRS is excitedly looking forward to bending you over and giving it to you good and hard!

These are their stories:

Story 1: Identity Theft Leads To Tax Fraud Nightmare For Couple:

From the Article:

""Innocently, I was looking for a job, like I've done every day for the last four months," explains Steve Spann.

CABAL Blog! Geithner: Market Won't Solve Economic Problems - A Case Of The 'We Saw It Coming's

Geithner: Super Hero, or Super Villain?

One year ago, on an episode of Gardner Goldsmith's former radio show, Against The Grain, episode titled 'The Many Troubles With Tax Day', which aired 4/15/2008, Gardner ran an audio clip of El Presidente Georges Bush stating "The good news is we anticipated this and took decisive action to bolster the economy by passing a growth package that would put money into the hands of American workers and businesses." (9:40 into the podcast), which I suppose is a step up from Bush's most insightful "working hard to put food on your family" observation, but not by much.

CABAL BLOG: Justice Anthony Kennedy: "Modestly Libertarian"? by Peppermint Pig

Helen Knowles, 'Political Scientist', and I use that term loosely, makes the argument in her latest book that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is 'modestly libertarian' for his 'consistent adherence towards "the basic, fundamental principles" of individualism and limited government'. We're referring to the very same Justice Kennedy who sided with the Feds against California's legalization of medical marijuana, or voting in favor of eminent domain in the Kelo versus City of New London case, a more familiar and abhorrent issue to those passionate about the preservation of liberty and property rights.


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