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It's been a while since we've been able to post at the site, so we hope you pardon the delay! 


Just some simple things to send to you occasionally, as we work on turning the hope of building the site more soon.


If you're interested, take a look at GG's new articles at the Media research Center site! They're not entirely libertairan or anarcho-capitalist, but they asked me to write for them, and it gives me a great opportunity to slide ideas of total freedom towards the paleo conservative crowd!


Hope you like! Be Seeing You!

CABAL Blog: Goldsmith on Looming Spectre of Cap and Trade



"Capn' Trade Cereal: Don't Buy It!"


2009 P. Gardner Goldsmith


            As Liberty Conspirators have discussed, there is a growing trend among Republidemocans to push something called "Cap and Trade" in energy "policy" (ie fascism and meddling in the energy market). Along with discussions about how the "Obama Plan" will "restore the economy", the Cap n' Trade salesmen claim that this is a "free market alternative" to federal regulations, one which will help reduce "climate emissions", and skirt around the problem of "the commons".

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