Obama sends 100 US soldiers into Uganda


From news:

"President Obama’s deployment of 100 US combat forces to Uganda and surrounding areas has shocked many as highly unusual and even downright bizarre. But while ground troops in Africa are a comparatively rare occurrence, the decision follows a very familiar path of dominant US foreign policy."

A few more invasions and Obama can redeem his Risk cards for new units!




Book Review: L. Neil Smith's "Ceres"

Ceres is the most recent installment of the Ngu family saga.  The Ngu's were spawned by human Martian settlers, who clashed with United Nations forces sent from Earth to quash dissent.  The Ngu's went on to settle other worlds.  It helps a bit if you have a cursory knowledge of the solar system's geography, as Smith's creative universe extends from planet Earth, to the dwarf planets of Pallas and Ceres (in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter).

L. Neil Smith's Ceres

FDA Bans Supplements

On July 3rd, the day before the holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims our God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), without input of the public, and in the convenient cover of a distracted public and claiming the authority of the disingenuously named "Food Safety Modernization Act" (FSMA), has usurped a key component of our health - the right to use supplements. The FDA did this by issuing new guidelines for the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that call for a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) protocol. The NDI would essentially ban supplements.


Almost every day, the government reveals themselves to be the gangsters that they are. In this case, the US Department of Agriculture demands over $90,000 to "settle" $4 Million in fines against a backyard rabbitry. Since I don't have much time to write, I'll let the blogs speak for themselves:

Dolphins Propose No Swim Zone for Nutria in Exchange For Citizenship: An Interspecies Defense Pact

The Dalai Lama (L) and Steven Seagal (R)


I've had an illuminating evening.  I've gone all over town with my children by myself (three different stores with some amazingly great kids who handled the excursion amazingly well).  We all work together to get what we want.  We even offered gold as payment (see interactive map)

More Food Fascism

As a foodie, this really gores my ox! Cheesemakers are being persecuted to the point of financial ruin by the unconstitutional, fascist FDA on ridiculous charges. The first article is a synopsis from one of my favourite blogs; the second is a podcast.



Government working overtime to make us all criminals...

According to a sad piece in the WSJ, state legislators passed 31,000 laws in 2010.

We now have 31,000 less freedoms than we did this time last year...

My first blog.

Wow. My own blog on the Liberty Conspiracy. I feel so special. :) I have a blog on the same site as the two whom I've learned so much from, The Bald is Beautiful Brothers, Gardner Goldsmith and Citizen X. Judging by the weather outside, snowing and hailing at 33 degrees here in El Paso, Texas, and now I have a would seem Hell truly hath frozen over.

Ron Paul Obtains Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chairmanship

Ron Paul has announced that he will be Chairman of the Subcommittee for Monetary Policy. He is expected to continue his mission of challenging the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve in an effort to have it abolished. Look forward to a series of Congressional hearings with an unleashed Paul grilling Bernanke and company. Be sure to visit the links for more information!


Liberty & Vigilance!


A Review of David Moody's Hater.

Abraham Lincoln the Zombie approves


"Hater," by David Moody was selected as's Book of the Month for October 2010.  It was recommended to the club by participant and horror novelist Wayne Simmons.


The Outrages Pile on....

Just got in and found these stories on Yahoo.... Osama presses for longer school years I don't have time to get started on how the education industry is a racket and how children are spoiled and overprotected... If Osama has his way, as one observer pointed out, he would destroy the vacation industry and vast regions of the US. The Northern part of this state heavily relies on travel. How is this to be paid for? With federal grants with strings attached? Children need free time to recharge, develop and grow. Free time and imagination are essential to both children and adults! Do we really want to be like Japan and Germany, the examples given in the article?

Interesting Times

Boy, was I surprised today to find a donation solicitation from Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio is running to be re-elected as sheriff of Maricopa country (Phoenix), Arizona.  I live in Tennessee.

Sheriff Joe's letter chronicled his battles against illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels, and ultra-left Obama radicals who claim that the good sheriff is a Nazi.

We the People?!

After reading Nathan Tucker's review of Tom Wood's book Nullification, I am struck by Tucker's use of the term "We the People."  How is it that supposed individualists (as Tucker claims to be), can use this collectivist term?  I guess I'm so far gone that I no longer even know what "We the People" means.  How is it that 300 million individuals can be lumped together into a purported homogenous monolith with a will all its own? 

Starfish Prime: Ecological and Technolgical Disaster!

Brought to you by the people that caused the Dust Bowl (through misguided homesteading acts).

Starfish Prime Detonation viewed from Hononlulu, Hawaii

Surprise! Health Fascism Law Requires Reporting of $600 Transactions

Buried in the health care takeover legislation is a mandate that businesses report all payments that total $600 or more per year on Form 1099, even for purchases of goods. Currently, this is required only for things like contractor payments, interest and dividends.

I Thought Fiscal Conservatives Opposed Spending Programs

They do except when the spending is for programs they advocate.  Immigration is one such example.  While some Conservatives who oppose illegal immigration put it pretty low on their list of priorities and concentrate first on cutting general spending, I'm suspicious of those who make increased spending and bigger government a focal point of their campaigns.

Rand Paul thinks the federal government should build a fence along America's southern border.

Yeah, just like the Drug War, I'm sure that a prohibition on people crossing the border will solve the problem. Jeez, some Conservative.



Brown, McCain and Lieberman unveil bill to strip Americans of citizenship and try them before military tribunals

I am disgusted... what can I say but this is pure FASCISM!!!! I sensed a bad vibe when Scott Brown was being promoted by conservatives as the one to elect to the government to "save" Americans from the government. How quickly they have been betrayed. Or, do they even know what this means??? This will soon expand into any criticism of the government just as the use of the EVIL and inhuman tactics of torture and assasination have expanded from non-US citizens to US citizens

Watch out conservatives- you will be the first victims of these tactics that you advocate!

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