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Interesting Times

Boy, was I surprised today to find a donation solicitation from Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio is running to be re-elected as sheriff of Maricopa country (Phoenix), Arizona.  I live in Tennessee.

Sheriff Joe's letter chronicled his battles against illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels, and ultra-left Obama radicals who claim that the good sheriff is a Nazi.

We the People?!

After reading Nathan Tucker's review of Tom Wood's book Nullification, I am struck by Tucker's use of the term "We the People."  How is it that supposed individualists (as Tucker claims to be), can use this collectivist term?  I guess I'm so far gone that I no longer even know what "We the People" means.  How is it that 300 million individuals can be lumped together into a purported homogenous monolith with a will all its own? 

I Thought Fiscal Conservatives Opposed Spending Programs

They do except when the spending is for programs they advocate.  Immigration is one such example.  While some Conservatives who oppose illegal immigration put it pretty low on their list of priorities and concentrate first on cutting general spending, I'm suspicious of those who make increased spending and bigger government a focal point of their campaigns.

Rand Paul thinks the federal government should build a fence along America's southern border.

Yeah, just like the Drug War, I'm sure that a prohibition on people crossing the border will solve the problem. Jeez, some Conservative.



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