Glenn Jacobs Launches New Liberty Website!



Good luck, Glenn!


Thank you for continuing to fight for freedom, and now, fighting even harder!


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South Carolina Cops Grab Troves of Cell Records in "Tower Dumps"

In exercizing their "warrants" to get cell info from the towers themselves, the cops gather cell records from all the people who used the tower for a specific period, clearly violating the 4th Amendment.

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Can We Entice You with a New Horror Novella?

Yo! Gard here! I thought I'd stop by and let you all know that the folks at Pendragon Press in Wales have given me the green light! I can announce that "Bite", my debut novella, is now officially available for pre-order! :) YEAHHH! I hope you like it! Here's the blog post at my writer's blog, aptly titled Gardner Goldsmith dot com. Spread the word! Pendragon has the UK and EU rights, but they will ship the book anywhere, so US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, it's all good, fellow Conspirators!

Here's more info on the book, and a couple blog posts that show you the amazing artwork and nice blurbs from some of my favorite authors!

Watch Glenn Greenwald Handle a BBC Hack - Intelligence, Sarcasm, Integrity

Greenwald stands tall. Good for him. The host is a great example of a statist propaganda tool. Perhaps she actually believes her nonsensical position is valid, which would be just as sad as if she were being an intentional tool.


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Cool Pro-Freedom Musicians: "The Krissy Boyd Trio", from Canada

Best to the band. Check out their twitter feed and then listen to their music, or vice-versa! :)



MUsic samples:


Best to Krissy Boyd and the band!


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An Example of the Classic Media Biases - Matthews Spits Them

Take a look at this video, and soak in the lovely lack fo substantive analysis of the medical fascism law, the broad-brush ad-hominim attacks, the assuptions about what Ted Cruz is trying to do, rather than the points Crus mentioned in his filibuster. It's a circle jerk of collectivism, hidden behind a curtain of so-called "analysis". Sad and sick.


One wonders why Chris Matthews was calling a Texas Rep a "hero" for filibustering an abortion bill in the "republic" of TX, while he says Cruz is "a problem for the republic".

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Administration Issues Executive Order Claiming Power to Control All Communications Systems

Remember those heady days of yor, when leftist democrats used to protest Presidents who attacked civil liberties?


What do we hear now...


Cue crickets.


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Richard Matheson, the Single Greatest Genre Writer in Modern Times, Has Died

With a career that spanned westerns, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and even non-fiction, Richard Matheson has had the greatest influence on contemporary genre television, books, and film of any writer. Rest in peace, Mr. Matheson. You changed many of our lives with your ideas and style, your drive to create and entertain, your drive to investigate the worlds beyond this world.

From the UA Army to writing to support a family, he never looked back. A founding member of the unofficial California School, Mr. Matheson influenced everyone from Stephen King (who said he would not be a writer if it weren't for Mr. Matheson), to F. Paul Wilson.

For those unfamiliar, a starter:

BBC Rewrites TV History by Censoring Fawlty Towers - DON'T MENTION THE WAR Skit

You gotta be kidding us.

Back when Baby Boomers were "young", they used to protest and laud freedom of speech againt authority. Those of us in younger generations often suspected that they were just waiting until they became the authorities, then they'd favor silence.

Those days have arrived.

Missouri Bill Would TAX Video Games that Depict 'Violence'

Nothing like those baby-boomers who were all for freedom of expression long, long ago. Again, we must note that a video game, a movie, a book or piece or music or painting CANNOT be VIOLENT unto itself! They are depictions, or all kinds of things, and do not bring direct harm to another person. The very term "violent video game" is erroneous and works to prejudice people before the argument is even engaged.

Also, we must note that as video games have become more and more popular, violent crime in the US has DROPPED. There is no way to prove causation, but the correlation is very strong. In no way can a politician claim that videos that depict violence lead to violent acts on the part of real people.

Quentin Tarantino Doesn't Bow to Political Correctness

Good for him. His new film, "Django Unchained" is set in 1860. Its characters use language natural to the time. If he had written a story set in Elizabethan England, he wouldn't use Valley Girl language. Tarantino has also noted the vastly destructive forces unleashed by the unconstitutional so-called "war" on drugs. Another great insight. Kudos to him for sticking to his guns when it comes to his work and the plight of many hurt by the gubment's "war" on drugs.

Pun intended.

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Author Ray Bradbury Has Passed Away, RIP

The author of such astounding work as "Farenheit 451" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes", has died. He was productive until his final days. A great stylist, his beautiful form of writing was matched by his stories themselves. He has left an indellible mark on the world and the fiction of the world. Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury.

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The Glorious End - A Poem

"The Glorious End" - P.G.G.


Some days you just can't see

The vision of the humble, that the forest's made of trees.


There's a bit of shame, for each one's name

The boxes beside, the laying of blame.


Old stodgy, old fun

Fake jewelry, makeup run

Fierce eye-gaze, rank sweat glaze

They're running, running, running

For the Glorious End.


Sometimes it comes to me

The recitation, beautiul mantras, three.

For a whole of us, for a nation's name

Any act is excused, no laying of blame.


"Old Glory", old one

Fake jewelry, my son

Wear it proudly, for all to see

Watch and Vote by End of the Day on the 20th! A Great Filmmaker's Work, a Friend of the Conspiracy!

Hey, everyone! I hope I can engender your support for a very talented friend. Her name is Joylynne Chrislan and her latest film, "Capital Punishment", has been entered in the Student Life and Leadership Film Festival. You can view it and the others here: and then you can follow the rules for non-students to send in your votes. I hope I can entice you to watch hers, see the quality, and then offer her your vote of support! Do it before the close of voting on the 20th!

Obama Admin More Likely Than Others to Chase US Reporters Under Espionage Act

Yep. Kudos to the NYT and ABC's Jake Tapper for pointing this out. But why aren't more leftists up in arms?


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We can Finally Announce the News! The Liberty Conspiracy Audios Are Going LIVE! TONIGHT! 10 Eastern US!

That's right, baby! We've been working in bits and pieces on this here SUPER SECRET plan, and now we can announce it! thanks to the awesome Liberty Radio Network, we're going national, live, from 10 pm to midnight! Join us as we welcome the MIGHTY MAN OF LIBERTY, Jason OSBORNE, and the AWESOME MAN OD ANARCHY, FURB, to discuss Rikki Santorum's hatred of sex, the state-sponsored murder of an Iranian scientist (what's that, three now?) and how the Wild West was safer than the "civilized east" in the US!

Get us on satellite or stream us live at



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Political Websites Could Be Targeted if Federal "SOPA" Internet Bill Is passed

As we try to stress, employing a government/state paradigm to try to solve issues of copyright and patent protection inevitably leads to a one-size-fits-all, top-down system that crushes free communication and market exchange. A voluntary system would work better. But for more than two centuries, the US and other western nations have not allowed for that kind of a system.

One doesn't need government to establish systems of property rights, market exchange, and property rights protections.


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