Richard Matheson, the Single Greatest Genre Writer in Modern Times, Has Died

With a career that spanned westerns, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and even non-fiction, Richard Matheson has had the greatest influence on contemporary genre television, books, and film of any writer. Rest in peace, Mr. Matheson. You changed many of our lives with your ideas and style, your drive to create and entertain, your drive to investigate the worlds beyond this world.

From the UA Army to writing to support a family, he never looked back. A founding member of the unofficial California School, Mr. Matheson influenced everyone from Stephen King (who said he would not be a writer if it weren't for Mr. Matheson), to F. Paul Wilson.

For those unfamiliar, a starter:

Video examples of his sparkling dialogue: KOLCHAK: The Night Strangler

And Trilogy of Terror


Rest in peace, Richard Matheson.