Good for the InfoWars Team and Ben Swann for Shining the Light on US Sabre-Rattling re Syria

First, InfoWars:

That piece recounts the news from January, broken by a UK paper, that the US had given teh green light to chemical weapons to be used by rebel forces in Syria...


As Snowden Knew, As Greenwald Told Us, NSA Read Thousands of E-Mails, and Feinstein Lied about It

Here's the article from the AP that discusses the "mistake". Recall that the Bush Admin told us that the FISA courts were just issuing warrants to allow surveillance of foreign phone calls. Yet this e-mail collection program has been going on for years, clearly showing how the Bush Admin lied about it. This article also proves that senator Dianne Feinstein also lied when she said she had no knowledge of any NSA program that was reading the e-mails of Americans.

Here is Glenn Greenwald, in video on Democracy Now, telling people Feinstein was lying. He said these words in June of 2013.

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years

He was the only one in that military court who upheld his oath to defend the US Constitution. He was the only one who fulfilled his promise to comform to the Geneva Accords by reporting war crimes. He had an obligation to report, and he did. His superiors did nothing. He went public, showing Americans the crimes the US military was committing in Iraq. Very few people paid any attention.

He is a hero, not a criminal. Both morally and legally, Bradley Manning did the right thing. This action by the "court" indicates how far astray the US government is from any form of legality.


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Before Killed, Michael Hastings Was Reportedly Ready to Expose CIA Director John Brennan

Recall that Brennan was the architect and chief 'counsel' for Obama's murderous drone campaign (which still continues, killing 49 in Yemen in the last eleven days).


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Obama's Sleight of Hand on Realty Market: "We need to get Fannie n' Freddie out (and expand direct fed subsidies)."

Leave it to politicians to tell you they are decreasing the amount of government intervention, when, in fact, they are increasing it.

Case in point. President Obama speaking in Arizona, telling people he plans to 'phase out' Fannie and Freddie (both government-created corporations made to artificially increase demand for residential and business buildings, and both supported by federal bailouts). he tells people he's interested in getting the government out of housing. But what he WANTS, if one reads his proposal, is for Fannie and Freddie to pay the federal government money that will be combined with DIRECT federal house-buying aid. It is not a decrease in federal involvement in any way. It's an increase.

Read on, MacDuff!


US Drug Enforcement Getting Spy Info on US Citizens, Trying to Cover It Up

Anyone surprised? So let's see. The so-called "war on drugs" is anti-constitutional and interferes with private association/contract. The spying programs run in contravention of the 4th Amendment and are being done by anti-constitutional agencies within the Executive Branch.

But this news is getting very little coverage.

Probably too many episodes of "The Bachelor" for people to catch up with on their DVRs.

And the so-called "reporters" are too busy trying to get into dinners at the White House.


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CIA Leaks Reveal What Libertarians Have Reported for Months, US Embassy in Libya Was Trafficking Arms to Syria

The attack was instigated after US involvement in the overthrow of Gaddafi and subsequent use of Libya as a launch-point for destabilization of Syria. And guess what? The Feds are trying to cover it up.

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Snowden Granted Asylum by Russian Government

The White House Press Secretary's response is that Mr. Snowden is "not a whistleblower", but a criminal. As Orwell said: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

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Richmond, VA Threatens to Use Eminent Domain to Take Foreclosed Homes

In no way is there a government part to be played in this system of buyig a home, but since the politicians can't stop themselves, they prepare to do what libertarians expected they eventually would, use the government to take more private property.

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PA Judge Sentenced to 28 Years for Selling Kids to Prison System

For people who will try to blame the market, please note that the origin of the trouble is the government court and policing system:

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Manning's Sentence Might Be Short

Glenn Greenwald is an amazing reporter. Good for him getting this info out.

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Secret Letter Reveals UK Govt release of Lockerbie Bomber Tied to Libyan Govt Purchase of Arms

Sickening, but an important piece of information that shows how mercantilist/corporatist the Blair government was...


When will leftists learn that the state is not their friend?


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Feds Tell Web Firms To Turn Over User Passwords

Declan McCullagh does great work. Good for him uncovering this. The question is, will the majority of Americans care?

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USDA Threatens Small-Town Magician Who Owns and Cares for ONE Rabbit

Talk about unconstitutional. Talk about authoritarian. Talk about contrary to freedom and interpersonal ethics...

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Amash Amendment to Defund NSA Spying Program Fails in DC House.

It wasn't even a full-blown defunding, either, just one part of the massive leviathan that is the NSA, yet the Obamites killed it, with help from the McCain crowd. Here's some background info from a few days ago, to let you know what the bill was about:


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Looks Like Snowden May Stay in Russia

Despite the Russian government exhibiting corruption and rights-violations on numerous occasions since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is a good sign for this man's future. Nice to see he might have a place to stay away from the US hounds.


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