Richard Matheson, the Single Greatest Genre Writer in Modern Times, Has Died

With a career that spanned westerns, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and even non-fiction, Richard Matheson has had the greatest influence on contemporary genre television, books, and film of any writer. Rest in peace, Mr. Matheson. You changed many of our lives with your ideas and style, your drive to create and entertain, your drive to investigate the worlds beyond this world.

From the UA Army to writing to support a family, he never looked back. A founding member of the unofficial California School, Mr. Matheson influenced everyone from Stephen King (who said he would not be a writer if it weren't for Mr. Matheson), to F. Paul Wilson.

For those unfamiliar, a starter:

Again, Just As We Suspected, The FBI Disclosure of Drone Use Was Attempt to Get In FRONT of A Coming Problem

A few days ago, when the FBI "revealed" that it was using drones to spy on US citizens, we said that Director Mueller was likely admitting to it not because he had a sudden urge to be forthright, but because the information was going to come out, and he and his cronies wanted to get out in front of it and give the public the impression that they were being "good guys letting us know."

We were right. It has been revealed today that the drone use was uncovered by the Electronic Fronier Foundation, after they filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit. Good for them. Anyone think the pop media will report about the perfidy of the FBI?

We don't think so, either.

The "No Surprise" Department: FBI Director Admits to Federal Drone Use to Spy on Americans

Since we've already seen this kind of thing done by domestic police to a cattle rancher in the midwest, one has to figure the feds are doing it. Muller's language is beautifully vague, as well. "Incidents"... and "very seldom". Nice that the agency is only now working to come up with set rules for the drone program. And does anyone actually think that those grandstanding bozos Grassley and Feinstein don't already KNOW the FBI is doing it, but are asking for testimony on it because they suspect that the information will soon be leaked to the public? Better to get out in front and look like ya care.


Be Seeing You!

Two Congressmen Introduce Bill To Make People Believe They Want to Restrict Fed Surveillance of Americans - Not True

Two Congressmen have introduced "legislation" that they claim will put "reasonable" restrictions on the feds spying on Americans. Look at the language of the press release, especially where they say their bill would "restrict" the federal gubment's ability under the Patriot Act to collect information on Americans who aren't connected to an ongoing investigation.

Administration Quietly Slips-In Higher Charges for Carbon Taxes

Despite the fact that the global temp has not risen since the mid 1990's, most politicians continue to push for this, and will continue to do so as long as they can get money out of it.

Be Seeing You!

$20 Billion Spying Lawsuit Cites Fed Officials, Corporations

They should also sue any company involved with installing the heardware or software that facilitated the spying.

Don't count on the suit being successfull. It should be, but the government runs the "justice" system.


Be Seeing You!

US Tanning Tax Will Continue...

Because, of course, "we ALL pay" for your mistakes... because, um, the government has collectivized the insurance industry... So we get to tell you how to live! See?

The tanning tax... Will continue.


Be Seeing You!

NSA Official Reportedly Calls for Edward Snowden (PRISM Whistle-blower) to Be Assassinated


Classy... Atlantic editor reports overhearing US Intel officials saying PRISM Whistleblower should be "disappeared".  Hey, the current President has no proble assassinating people, soo...


Be Seeing You!

Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower, Disappears

Let's hope he is escaping."The Atlantic" reports overhearing an NSA official saying that Mr. Snowden should be "disappeared"...

Be Seeing You!

US PRISM Spying Program Whistleblower Steps Forward

Big stuff. Good for the Guardian for getting the scoop and for offering video. And good for him to expose this massive breach of the 4th Amendment. Do you think the Republicans will move to impreach the current President? Nope. Most of them will excoriate his Administration for allowing this information to get out, this "breach of national security".

As the Furs said, "It goes on and then it goes, around again. It goes on again..."


Be Seeing You!

Obama Admin ORDERS Verizon to Hand over ALL Phone Records

Ahh, yes. Where are the left-statists who protested Bush doing this?


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As We Predicted: State Gubments Collect Private Med Data without Warrants, Make Themselves Some Cash

For years, libertarians have tried to warn people that HIPAA, passed by the feds in the 1990's but not implemented until the so-called "Health Freedom Act" passed, would cause hurdles for private citizens to let their health insurance companies and doctors share medical data. All sorts of paperwork would be required. We were right. We also warned that the law would let the federal and state governments claim the power to seize your medical data. We were right. No warrant. Nothing... Where are all the left-wing statists now? Weren't they the kinds of people who defended privacy? Don't they support the 4th Amendment?


Be Seeing You!

Obama to Sign Int'l Gun Ctrl Treaty June 3rd

Un Logo dirty window

Two weeks ago Mr. Goldsmith and I discussed the possibility of the U.S. Government enforcing the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Now it seems that the Prez will be signing a treaty restricting the right of American's to own and use firearms.  We briefly discussed Rand Paul's uppityness about the prospect of the Gov't of the U.S. enforcing such a treaty.  We'll dig into this a little more.  For more from my source, see this article from the Breitbart.

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