The Boycott We and Other Liberty-Minded People Espoused Gains Ground

Gun and ammo dealers in thirty-four states are cutting government out of their business transactions.

If you have one such gun or ammo business in your area, and you approve of their pushing back against the state, give them your business and tell them why!

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Obama Admin Deploys Drones, Troops to Niger

The lack of left-statist response to this Administration's war mongering and anti-constitutional actions is becoming absurd. What will it take for people to begin protesting this President in the way they protested the Bushies?

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Listen to Flava Flav - 'Fiscal Cliff' Cuts Are INCREASES!

Don't, don't-don't-don't. Don't, don't-don't-don't. Don't believe the hype...

The federal government will NOT spend less under "sequestration".

Anyone surprised?

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Financial Times Reports - US Businesses Ready to Cut Hours, Take Penalty Due to US Med Fascism Law

So let's see. The "Affordable Care Act" breaches the Constitution by employing a misreading of the interstate commerce clause. It invades and destroys the 4th Amendment's proscription against unwarranted searches and siezures (by taking your medical records), it forces on insurance companies the mandate that they accept high-risk folks at rates far below the real costs the folks will likely cost in claims, and it (like minimum wage laws) prices low-skilled employees out of the workforce.

But that's okay. It feels so cozy.

Fascism often did to those who wanted it in Europe.

As Public Image Limited said, "This is what you want. This is what you get."

Washington State Firearms Ban Bill Would See Cops Bust Into Homes to Search

But just forget about all those libertarians who predicted these kinds of bills would pop up. As the penguin said in "Madagascar", "You didn't see annnything..."

Enjoy those 4th and 2nd Amendments! They're really done well in protecting your rights, huh?


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How're Those 'Making the World Safe for Democracy' and 'War on Terror' Things Going, US?

A new Gallop Poll reveals that 92% of the Pakistanis surveyed say they disapprove of US leadership. Only 4% approve.

But that couldn't have ANYTHING to do with US drone strikes and targeted killings. That couldn't have ANYTHING to do with US occupation and cronyism inside their nation...


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Fact-Checking the Obama State of the Union Speech

How is it a union if the parties involved aren't free to leave?

Fact: Obama's claim that govt-run Pre-K does anything to increase test scores of kids beyond third grade is false.

Fact: Obama's claim that gas mileage standards have doubled the distance an average car can travel on a gallon of gas is false.

Fact: Obama's claim that there would be drastic "cuts" if there was not a budget deal is false. There would only be smaller increases in the ever-growing government beast. His implication that it was the Republican Congress that proposed the so-called "sequester" is also false. He proposed it as a way to try to get Republicans to pass increased taxes on the middle and high earning citizens in the US.

Obama Administration Ready to Issue Unconstitutional Executive Order Re Cyber Networks

As we have often mentioned, so-called Executive Orders originally were  orders the President of the US issued to facilitate movement of people like guards at the White House - simple functions that needed tweaking where the President worked. But since the executive branch has been given so much power by Congress, since there are so many agencies under Executive control, Executive Orders stretch to things like creation of parks, to the take-over of any building should the President want to, etc. This "voluntary" order seems like it will have a lot of involuntary things in it, or will have attached to it special benefits for those companies that comply. We will see...

Russian Gubment Buys Tonnes and Tonnes of AU

Putin and his politicos say they want to be prepared to get away from the US Federal Reserve Note, the EU currency and the Yen, because those are being massively inflated.


He is correct.

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Feds Go After Accounting Firms -- As Accounting Firms Begin to report BAD Credit Ratings of Gubments

Anyone notice how the feds and various state Attorney's General are attacking Standard and Poors? Talk about trying to hide gross legislative incompetence. The feds passed the unconstitutional "Sarbanes-Oxley" after Enron (and it wouldn't have stopped the Enron thing). That forced financial institutions to have to go to outside accounting firms rather than doing it in-house. But, amazingly, Sarbanes-Oxley didn't stop corporations like AIG, Bears-Sterns, GM, Chrysler, Fannie and Freddie (created by the feds) and others from having WAY outta balance finances.

In the 'No Kidding' Department - Medical Fascism Law Will Push 7 Mil to Lose Health Insurance

We tried to warn people. We tried to spread the word about what happens when politicians raise the costs of production for private businesses. Now the CBO, which was shilling for the medical fascism law BEFORE, and "underestimated" nearly every cost of the bill, NOW it is reporting new, more disastrous numbers... Which will turn out to be too low.

Welcome to economics.

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Argentine Gubment Sets Two-Month Freeze on Food Prices - Bad Idea

This is what inflating the money supply inspires politicians to do as the prices inevitably arrive. They add salt to the wounds. In this case, they are going to freeze food prices for two months.

All that does is begin weakening the incentives for suppliers and producers to bring in more food. Watch for shortages in a week.

Then, violence.

Lots of violence.

Not a good situation.


Be Seeing You!

US Again Preparing to be the Aggressive One Re Cyber Wars

It seems that using drones and other physical weapons isn't enough for the US government. Now we learn that the US is prepared to engage in "preemptive" cyber attacks...

But with its allies, like Israel, it already has, against Iran.


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Great Work by CNS News: Fed Medical Fascism Plan Will Cost US Families $20K per Year

They published this a couple of days ago. Good job CNS!

So we have the regulation of businesses (both the insurance companies and the other companies forced to buy insurance) and individuals contrary to the Constitution, as well as the invasion of the 4th Amendment, wherein the feds collect your private medical data without warrants.

Sheep on a farm.

Animal Farm.


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Wyoming House Approves Bills Exempting State from New Fed Gun Restrictions

Too bad the politicians reduced the level of infraction from a felony to a misdemeanor, but it is still a hopeful sign for state legislatures invoking nullification of unconstitutional laws...


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CIA Nominee Brennan had Specific Knowledge of Torture

... And he said nothing. We also have audio of him in a December 2010 interview with ABC News where, working in his capacity as  Chief Counter Terrorism Advisor, he is completely unaware of twelve arrests of "suspected terrorists" in London that had been made many, many hours earlier.

So he's clueless AND wicked. Nice. He'll fit right in.

Be Seeing You!

San Diego Police Chief Says Guns Will Be Taken off Streets in a Generation - Suuuure. Just Like Drugs.

Of course, his department makes a lot of money off the eternally unwon "war' on drugs. So now he and his thuggish mates can claim that they just need more time and money to win the "war" on firearms.

Meanwhile, as firearm ownership has skyrocketed in the US over the past sixteen years, the violent crime rate has plummeted.


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