Troubling Aspects of the Reaction of the Capitol Police Chasing and Killing Unarmed Woman

A lot of troubling things about the Capitol police shooting that unarmed woman. First, they didn't try to disable or stop the car. Second, the pop media depicted the woman as armed, brandishing a firearm - completely false. Third, the pop media reported that a police officer had been injured, associating the injury with this supposedly armed woman. In fact, there is now video that shows the cop wasn't even near the incident, and he crashed his own car into a center-road obstacle (DC streets are a mess), becoming injured by the airbag. There are reports that the woman was killed when she got out of the car - unarmed. There are others that she was killed in the car - once it stopped - with an 18 month old baby inside. Fifteen shots fired at the time. How many of you who read the initial pop reports or saw them on TV later saw those pop news agencies apologize for their bad reporting or even mention that they had it wrong for five to six hours?