New Revelations by Snowden, Greenwald: NSA Collects Personal Contact Info of Millions

But don't forget, the "FISA" court that issues secret "warrants" (otherwise known as NOT warrants) says collection of data is fine. Sure, they didn't mean personal contact data, they meant so-called meta-data. Funny that meta-data is ALSO private. Sooooo, both kinds of collection are... um...

...UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And beyond that, even if they were, where, exactly, did you or any of us sign the so-called "social contract"?


Wait. You mean it's just a fictitious veneer painted on coercion via gubment? It doesn't exist?


You must be one of those anarchists Harry Reid warned us about.


Please spread the word on this one. Ed Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are doing great work.


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