Prez Signs Unconstitutional Highway Law - Puts Roll Your Own Cig Cos Out of Biz

Gee, who'd have thunk that the politicians might "regulate" away business to help those who lobbied them with tons of cash?


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TSA Now Testing Liquids INSIDE Check Point

Ya know how the TSA forces you to dump your drink before you pass through "security", thus making you have to replace it with one bought beyond the "security" screeners? Well, evidently, that's not enough. Now they want to check your liquids after you pass through the check-point!


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EU Parliament Does NOT Pass ACTA

Big news! Good news! But the fact that the EU Parliament exists is still a threat to all kinds of liberty in action.


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Happy Dependence Day all you "terrorists" out there...


Here's to hoping you aren't one of those pervs who is "reverent of individual liberty". Sickos.


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US Supreme Court Rules Medical Fascism is OK

So the unconstitutional interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause was never challenged by the SCOTUS -- that's the provision in Article One, Section Eight, that is supposed to let Congress stop tariffs being placed on state goods by other states, but is interpreted to mean Congress can regulate anything that goes over state borders... With this as an "accepted" basis, then we can see how the SCOTUS would never bother to wipe away all the unconstitutional regulations placed on insurance companies (things such as "guaranteed issue" and "group rating")...

US Supreme Court Rules Significant Portion of AZ Immigration Law Okay

Not only is it anti-freedom (thus Anti-economic), it is also unconstitutional, running contrary to the 4th Amendment. There is nothing in the Constitution that grants the feds any power over immigration, yet the black robed oligarchs in the SCOTUS say that Arizona is perfectly fine if its cops pull detain people for a routine "check" and then check on citizenship status.

Nothing like that Fourth Amendment, huh?


We will talk about this tonight, on Liberty Conspiracy Radio. 10 to Midnight, eastern US time! On!


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Senate Dems Move to Increase Flight Fees in US - To Pay for TSA

So, get this. They break the Constitution -- which is the thing they swear to defend -- and get involved in regulating air travel, then they break the 4th amendment and search you without warrants if you want to get onto a plane. And while they do this, they make you pay more and tell you it's a "service".




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Notre Dame Sues Admin Over Fascist Insurance Mandates

We must reiterate a point.

Some people have depicted opposition to the "contraceptive coverage" portion of the medical fascism law as mean, cruel, standing in the way of a "right" of women to have health problems covered. That misses the point. The point is that the medical fascism law FORCES, MANDATES private individuals/businesses to have to buy health insurance for their employees which will include in it something which the business owners find morally repugnant. Why force them? Why not leave them alone?

What if a pro-choice organization were forced by the government to pay for the religious beliefs of a born-again Christian working for it? Would that be fine? Of course not.

TSA Reveals Complaints - Four Years Later

The delay was probably caused by their sheer dearth of complaints. Right?


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Sacramento Cops Take DNA of Kids Without Parental Consent

Cute story. Without getting parental consent, without even notifying the parents, Sacramento cops march into a school, pull kids out of class, and get their DNA. But that infringement of the 4th Amendment wasn't enough. They then interrogated the kids without notification or parental consent, and his arse Deputy has the classless gall to say that they were "interviews" not "interrogations" and that the so-called "interiews" were all "consensual". Hey, fool, according to your own LAWS, kids uner 18 aren't of majority age. They can't LEGALLY give their consent. This city should be sued until it's bankrupt (it probably already is), and the cops involved should be fired, and held liable for damages demanded by the parents.


US Supreme Court Rules that Strip Searching People Arrested for Minor Offenses is Okay

Now, we understand their deference to those on-hand, and their desire to let those on-hand make decisions they believe are important for security, but this exposes a very large problem with gubment-run justice systems: they have little room for nuance and attenuation based on custsomer desires. It's often one-size-fits-all. Market-based justics systems would work better and allow for voluntary consideration of what levels of searches people desired for their justice/security.

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Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments over Health Fascism Law

Many of the justices seem unimpressed with the arguents provided in support of the idea that the federal government can FORCE citizens to have to buy health insurance. They seem to rail against the idea that people can be compelled to buy something. They are correct. But will they apply that standard to taxation, which every day forces people to buy things they don't want? That's doubtful.

We will discuss this on the radio program tonight! Tune in from 10:06 to midnight, eastern US time!,0,339163.s...


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Arizona Prepared to Force Citizens to Pass Drug Tests Before Getting Unemployment Cash

So the government takes the money, and then, in order to get it back (admittedly, many get more back than they could have had taken), the victims of the theft must pass drug tests. Interesting...


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US DOJ Ready to Sue Apple, Publishers, over E Books

Not like there are choices in the publishing industry or anything...


We'll discuss this on Liberty Conspiracy Radio tonight!

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7th Circuit Rules Cops Can Search cell Phones Without Warrants

Nothing like that nutty 4th Amendment, huh?

We'll discuss this, and the larger implications of the gubment controlling the airwaves and roads, tonight, on Liberty Conspiracy Radio, starting at 10:06 pm Eastern US time! Go to to stream!

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Video Yanked by Youtube: Engineer Shows How Easily One Can Sneak Metals Through TSA Scans

So, they break the 4th Amendment, tell us it's for our own good, and then can't even stop the weapons. Nice.


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Scientists Develop a Device that Stops Speech

Interesting, with dangerous implications when it comes to government getting its hands on it.


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