Ask, and Ye Receive: Links to Sites of Excellent ATG Guests and Our Audio Library!

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Well, Conspirators, you said you needed the information, and here it is, the first part of our ongoing attempt to keep you abreast of the websites for some of Gardner's guests and to give you a direct link to our Library!

The Audio Library:

This time, we highlight recent guests, fiction authors and just plain cool people. Check them out, and soak in their great ideas! First, we would like to mention once more, the excellent site of Glenn Jacobs, aka, Kane, of the WWE. Get this man's insight on political economics, and enjoy his wit at:

Want some cool Liberty Conspiracy shirts you can use to irk statists? Check out the amazing designs of Laur, at Armor for Activists!

Did you hear Gard's conversation with Ellen Datlow, the great anthology editor? Well, you can find her work here! Buy some, and drink deep the great stories! Here are the "Best Horror of the Year" anthologies, so far... and Then there's "Lovecraft Unbound"!  And then there's this collection, culled from the best of the past 20 years! There's much more, look for it here!

Next, if you like romance novels, if you like mysteries, and if you like to laugh thanks to the insights and style of a witty and brilliant writer, get the books by none other than Jill Winters. Jill's work's have often been noted by reviewers as both smart and heartwarming, sexy and fast-paced. See what this woman is creating at: !

Did you want more info about the awesome author/musician jeremy Wagner? You got it!

Then, travel to an ether-land where imagination, integrity and suspense combine, thanks to the mind of F. Paul Wilson. If you haven't picked up a Repairman Jack novel, go for it!

As many people know, Gardner Goldsmith has a nice association with Jane Espenson, co-producer of the TV series, "Firefly", and she juuuust happens to have a nice little website, great for aspiring script writers. It's got the unusual name of: !

Want to read a good book by a hard-core libertarian? How about a good ZOMBIE book by a libertarian? Well look no further! Actually, look just a biiiit further, by visiting the site of Wayne Simmons, author of "Drop Dead Gorgeous"! He can be found here!

If you're from New England, and you don't know Archer Mayor, the great mystery writer, and creator of the Joe Gunther stories, you've missed something fun! Visit his site at, yep, you got it,

Don't forget the good work of the people like Peter Sepp, of the National Taxpayers Union. They can be found at

Our recent interviews with the Damned, Electric Frankenstein, and the BellRays (upcoming) seem to have charged up many hep cats. And so for you, we provide these coolest of the cool links! SMASH IT UP! To see all the cool things associated with the Damned, visit:

For merch and the latest from Electric Frankenstein?

To check out the music, tour dates and other cool stuff from the BellRays, visit:

Finally, do you like short horror fiction? Gard does. And Gard heartily recommends the work of his friend Dan Keohane! Get his book, "Christmas Trees and Monkeys" by visiting ! And, of course, please take a look at Gard's new, and controversial, book, "Live Free or Die"! That's it for now, but we will post more soon. Keep conspiring!