Wheels within Wheels

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binding: Paperback
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New edition: revised and with new introduction by the author! Winner of the inaugural Prometheus Award for Libertarian fiction in 1979.

Canny old Pete Paxton thinks there's a monstrous conspiracy brewing that threatens the LaNague Charter and the freedoms it guarantees for Federation planets. The only way to head it off is to enlist the aid of Josephine "Jo" Finch, the current CEO of Interstellar Business Advisors, a firm Pete co-founded with Jo's grandfather more than half-a-century before. Jo mistrusts Pete and suspects he may beresponsible for the bizarre death of her father that left her orphaned at age ten. But she is soon convinced that the old man's fears are more than justified.

Jo and Pete are soon matching wits with one of the shrewdest, most devious politicos in the Federation, threatened by a ruthless psi-talent whose victims face a fate far worse than mere death. They must also deal with the Vanek - the gentle, enigmatic inhabitants of the planet Jebinose who, against all logic, claim to have murdered Jo's father.