Economic Liberties

When Toys Are Outlawed...

I'm sure some of you are aware of the upcoming toy 'safety' regulation to be imposed in early February by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. As someone with a vested interest in these industries, but more importantly the fight for liberty on principle, I have followed the news pieces with a keen eye, and have spoken to people for which there is deep concern that their businesses or activities will be falling under the hammer of this bureaucratic madness.

EconTalk -- Opensource

This is an economics podcast done by a professor in Economics at George Mason University.  In the most recent episode he talks about opensource software.  I just downloaded it and haven't listened yet but this one does sound like something many of you would enjoy listening to.  


Intellectual Property Kills Gingerbread Man

A tragic end to an intellectual property despute over CAKES.  Man dies, leaves wife and children behind.  This is so sad.

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