Science Fiction or Fact?

Study of How Bees See Reveals More Than Expected

Study by 8-year-olds published in prestigious science journal

I saw this amazing story on yahoo! news.  The story details how a group of eight year olds conducted a study on the behavior of bees related to how they see the world.

Freightliner 10 Times More Efficient Than Prius?

I got a message via twitter today which states that a Freightliner Diesel vehicle used to haul trailers is ten times as efficient as a Toyota Prius.  I actually believe it, but I'm not sure the source is credible.

Here's the link to the article:


Artificial Life Has been Created





Frightening & fascinating at the same time


Also worth noting that the research for this wasn't government funded

Can Technology Stop Global Warming?

Here is an interesting article in the Missoulian .

Is it possible that technology will save the day with the problem of climate change just as the internal combustion engine solved the problem of what to do with the massive amount of horse manure back at the beginning of the twentieth century?

This is something I never even conceived of before reading this article.

I'll excerpt some of this article to illustrate my point.

Playmobil Statism (can't remember where FURB posted the original but...)

This one is also a classic:

Check out the product desciption! lol

Product Description
Pull over! The traffic police have blocked the road to all vehicles. Wearing realistic uniforms and printed emergency vests, they have set up a roadblock with 4 warning lights and 2 pylons. They are also equipped with a map, stop sign, and pistols.

New Technology Circumvents Smoking Ban

Saw this over on digg.  This is absolutely brilliant.  Reporter stands her ground when confronted by grumpy bar patron.

Through technology, market forces circumvent the law.  Really neat product.

I don't condone using drugs (not that I am innocent), but this is a really neat product.

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