More Information on Detention Pods at US Airports

Okay. So there is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the federral government the power to be in airports, let alone searching people in airports.


A few weeks ago, we reported that Infowars and a Syracuse TV station broke the story of new "detention pods' at airport exits, containers that hold ambulators inside until the trapped people are deemed "safe". The pods were built by Eagle Security Group (time to give them a call and find out which politicians and bureaucrats have money ties to them) and supposedly (according to the Commissioner of the Atlantic City Airport) designed by the TSA. As indicated in the second parenthetical, Atlantic City Airport is now the second airport to install them, and we can expect more. Why? Because the TSA has announced new "orders" to airports that in January they must have security at every exit. The expense of hiring new guards to appear each day will inspire many airport administarators to opt for the one-time expenses of getting the "detention pods". According to the Eagle Security Group website, the pods are going to begin checking "biometric data".


Of course.


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