EU Bill: All Seeds and Plants Must be Registered and Approved by Euro Govt.

Killing Joke was on this years ago, and Jaz Coleman, the lead singer and writer for the band swings, in wealthy circles; he knows the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others who are often pinpointed as the centers of the world government cabal. And he has told us that those folks in the Illuminati and the other groups actually BELIEVE in doing these things.

Here is the latest wrinkle: It's an Eu proposal which would begin implimentation of Codex Alimentarius This is very, very bad. It is not only a cap to a series of totalitarian laws that have been pushed in the EU and the US, it will hand a great deal of control over the food supply to mega-corps like Monsanto, which has massive influence with the politicians in the US and EU. We have been warned. Friends in Europe, fight back. We are an international conspiracy. Do what you can to preserve seeds, plant home gardens and raise your own crops. When Jaz Coleman was in Boston a few weeks ago, he advised that people do the same thing. He can see this coming.

Take a look at "The Great Cull", from the 2010 Killing Joke album "Absolute Dissent". This spells out much of what many co-salled "Conspiracy Theorists" have been warning for years. They were correct.

Here is a live version, from a recent performance. There are a small group of people on this planet who see what's coming. Watch out.

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