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Price is Right

I've been thinking about the Price Is Right.  The show has been on in it's current form since 1972.  This show is, I believe, a goldmine of economic data.

I would like to analyse the data from the show to see as the money supply has expanded, whether or not contestants bids have become more inacurate.  If what I've read about economics is true, the more inflation of the money supply exists, the more difficult it is to determine the value of things in the market place.

I wonder if the data from the show is examined, whether or not you could see a trend of the bidding becoming more innaccurate over time.

Game Of Thones (is there a TV series more awesome?)

So Game Of Thrones is back for a second season & is just as awesome as the first season.

I know Gard thinks its brilliant, in fact just about everybody I know who has seen it thinks its brilliant.

I'm actually wondering if there is anybody whose indifferent to it or actually doesn't like it?


For those who don't know Prometheus is Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien which of course he also directed) & was one of the films that fired my imagination when I was growing up.

I know you shouldn't purely go on the trailer for any film but if the trailer is anything to go by it looks scary!

I've heard that Scott is doing a P-13 & a R rated version

I can't see how a film like this could work as a PG-13

Hunger Games

Okay saw it over the weekend & though I didn't think it was a bad film I did think it was Battle Royale for a PG-13 market.


Incidentally Battle Royale has never had proper distribution in the US, because the week it was due to be released was the same week Columbine happened & I guess a movie about school kids being sent to an island to kill one another was seen as an appropriate film to be screening at that time.


If you can get hold of a copy of Battle Royale I'd recommend it ahead of Hunger Games.


Despite the recent perceived faux-paux by Netflix, this service is really awesome.  Not only do they have something like 50K titles for viewing as DVD, but they have over 10K titles for instant view, which now includes: Tales from EarthSea (anime based on Ursula K. LeGuinn's novel), Planet of the Apes (The 1968 version starring Charleton Heston, based on the 1963 novel by Pierre Boulle,

Now they even have Atlas Shrugged: Part 1, the film from 2011 based on Ayn Rand's book from 1957.  How cool is that?

Matt Smith is a good Doctor.

I just watched Doctor Who with Matt Smith.  I like him.  And of course, I like Karen Gillan.  In some of the promotional photos, he looked like Robert Smith from The Cure.  Interestingly, Matt Smith's middle name is Robert.  I liked Christopher Eccleston.  There was something about David Tennant that I didn't like.  Maybe he was too pretty, as opposed to handsome, to be the Doctor.  I expect my Doctors to be a bit odd looking.  As an aside, I don't like the gay stuff interjected by Russell Davies, but that's another matter.

I have a bit of catching up to do.  I  have to finish all of David Tennant's episodes as well as Matt Smith's.

The Brilliance of Shameless

Shameless has been one o the most successful British TV series of the past decade & its also been one of the most controversial.


Conservatives seem to think its a fly on the wall documentary about welfare spongers & left seem to think its a piss take of poor people.


Curtis's Critique of Ayn Rand

Over the past 20 years Adam Curtis has made some interesting documentary series, such as Century of Self & the Power of Nightmares.  


His current documentary series entitled All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace kicked off last week & it began with a critique of Ayn Rand.


Actually libertarians could learn from the warning in Curtis's last documentary series The Trap

Shadow Line

Brilliantly scripted, brilliantly directed, brilliantly acted...


There are very few TV series this good!


Unfortunetely I'm not sure if it will get shown anytime in the US

The Street That Cut Everything (Libertarians might want to check this out)


a unique social experiment, as he persuades one street in Preston to give up all council services for six weeks.

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