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Kevin McCarthy

Just this year, I got "Body Snatchers" from Netflix.  I wanted to watch it for the umpteenth time.  This disk had a nice, but short, interview with McCarthy.   I was still holding out hope that he would be immortal like the college professor, Prof. Walter Jameson, he played in "The Twilight Zone". 

BBC’s New Sherlock Holmes Adaptation

It began last Sunday & its in fact rather good.

They’ve transplanted the whole thing to modern day London & Sherlock Holmes is being played as a somewhat Aspergers odd ball.

Something people might want to check out.

Whedons' Musical

I just watched Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in a Joss Whedon production called Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  It was pretty damn funny.


DYK that Joss's Brother is named Jed, and he scored this flick?  Weird, but funny, and that is what it was designed to be.

Space Quest

Hey Guys:

Was thinking about an old computer game I used to play on my 486 called space quest!

Does anyone remember this game? It came out of sierra software in the 80s and 90s.

One of the best textline computer games I ever played.

Just had a convo with Furb he reckons it reminded him of red dwarf! I'm so down with that.

Disappointing no one has written a space quest movie on the misadventures of Roger Wilco. Would be really cool to see something like that.

I seem to recall particularly the joke they had in the game where Roger wilco was moving around the game and Vader and Skywalker having a fight in the halls. This sort of humour totally rocks!

Check out the SQ fansite @


Any new shows worth watching this fall?

Right now the only show I'm waiting for is The Cape but does anyone know if there will be any series premiering with a pro-liberty slant to it?

Spaghetti Westerns

Just finished watching the Sergio Leone classic For a Few Dollars More (1965)

A Clint Eastwood classic!

Got me thinking about how not many really good Westerns are made these days.

Gotta get some more westerns like that in the pipeline I reckon. Classic stuff!

An interesting footnote is the fact that Lee Van Cleef who played Colonel Douglas Mortimer also appeared in the Twilight Zone in 1961.

I really hope someone out there writes a classic novel or something with that "period piece" style in mind.

The last good Western I remember was Unforgiven in the 90s.

Any thoughts?



Let our powers combine!

I think I was twelve when Captain Planet first came out and I admit that I was swept up in the whole Eco-movement at the time so I loved the show and rarely missed an episode. Despite enjoying it at the time I questioned some of the points the show was trying to get across and how they portrayed the American character Wheeler. As the show progressed I started cheering for the bad guys because I thought they were cooler and more interesting while the Planteteers were pompous, pretentious, meddlesome and boring. When I started to study writing more I would happen to catch reruns of the show on Cartoon Network and realized how poorly the characters were developed and relied heavily on the celebrity names behind the voices. 

Billy Jack

Growing up I don't think I've ever saw the Billy Jack movies and reading the synopsis on I generally avoided watching them. Thanks to netflix I've given them a chance. I was surprised at the anti-government message throughout the 3 films I've watched. The series starts with Born Losers which doesn't have a strong anti-government overtone but it shows the ineffectiveness of the local officials when a biker gang begins to initiate force upon the townsfolk. I don't know how prevalent the topic of police brutality was featured in movies around 1967 but it was interesting to see cops portrayed in a negative light even though the guys getting worked over were scummy.

Did ESPN's Sports Center feature Conpsirator?


Is Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard Brandon Jennings a fellow conspirator?  At 0'29" into the highlight footage I captured the screen shot below so you can see what I mean.

I hardly ever get to see sports on tee-vee, so I completely flipped out when I saw this while on a weekend get away in Nevada.

Here is the screenshot of what I saw:

Brandon Jennings does the "Prisoner Salute"

ESPN has taken the video down.

Dr Who is a Welfare Statist

I am listening to Ziggy's podcast about Dr Who and his possible leftist persuasion, I am not sure why is there a big debate. I started watching Dr Who after I heard Gard talk about it many times, I started watching it from Christopher Eccleston(9th doctor). Around at the end of that season when Dr Who goes with Captain Jack and Rose back to World War 2(its that episode where a creepy kid wears a gas mask and keeps on saying 'Are you my mommy?'), where Dr Who tells that boy's mother "Don't forget the Welfare State"(right when they are trying to give her hope about allied victory in the war).

That line just greatly turned me off with the series, and I didn't watch the next season and the new doctor. I don't understand the big debate.

DUNE: An Interview with Frank Herbert & David Lynch

Neat interview with Frank Herbert and David Lynch discussing the early 1980's film version of Dune. Part 1/6. Herbert also discusses his thoughts on politics. He seems to think the US government of his day was broken and that it required more checks & balances. He proposed setting up all kinds of independent review boards from the local to federal level that would wield power over elected reps.

Lost Doctor Who Episodes and Unions

I am a Doctor Who fan but for me, Doctor Who started with Tom Baker.  I knew there were previous Doctors but I am not so avid a fan that I knew the history of the show.  I was recently reading that many of the episodes from the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton years were "wiped" by the BBC.  Some were recovered but many are gone forever.  I just read today that some of the impetus for the "wipe" came from one of the British Unions.  It seems that they were worried that if the BBC had a large archive of material, they would be able to replay them and avoid making new shows.  The unions figured that would jeopardize jobs.  Incredible!

The Book of Eli

Saw it last week, only now getting to post about it. I really liked it. There was a moment when I wondered if it would pay off, but it really did. Congrats to the production team (including co-producer Denzell Washington) and writer. Awesome adventure with a moral attached to it.

And guess what? They actually place Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" in a shot. Look for it when you see Gary Oldman sitting at a desk reading a book on Mussolini!

Cool movie deserving of more than one viewing.

Be Seeing You!

The Omega Man

Just bought a copy of The Omega Man for me one of the classic 70s disutopian classic & for me personally its also a libertarian analogy.

For those who haven't seen 'The Omega Man' starring Charlton Heston you might of seen the remake 'I'm Legend' with Will Smith.

Though I think Will Smith put in a great performance I thought the remake was in fact rather dull & so as you might guess I prefer the original Omega Man.

Yes it's a little outdated & clunky but Heston always processed great on screen presence & I've long identified with the film.

Art Clokey Dies at age 89


What a bummer... at least he had a nice long life. His works should live on quite well, and I hope they do justice to the 80s episodes and release ALL of them as a box set.



Remake of Dune?

Whilst reviewing my direct messages on twitter I came across this article which states that there will be a third film made of Frank Herbert's epic DUNE.

Any of you know anything about this?

Here is the link to the story.

Fan preferred order of Prisoner Episodes

I am about 1/3 of the way through "The Prisoner".  Growing up, I was aware of the show but I never watched it, until now.  I was reading online somewhere about a "fan preferred" order to the episodes.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I won't say "Be seeing you" until I'm done with the whole show.

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