Climate Fraud and Tax War in Australia

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Posted on: March 5, 2011 - 4:32am

Fellow Conspirators:

It seems like an odd situation to describe Australia as being a place, where open warfare has
broken out over the climate fraud and taxation.

The usual tranquil stereotypes emerge when I speak to Americans and others about what they
see as uniquely Australian.

Putting a shrimp on the barbie, making the usual reference to the size of one's knife and of cause
the general languid sound of our accent is usually the first thing that springs to mind. Tax Wars,
though don't fit the bill.

In recent times, Kevin Rudd formerly our Prime Minister was chopped down from his position, by
factional forces opposed to his micromanagement style and general blatancy as it related to
cutting off internal policy discussion.

Unsurprisingly though the new Prime Minister Julia Gillard has carried on from where Kevin
left off.

Australia has seen significant spending and indeed significant proposed tax hikes as a result of the current

The hit list of Mining Tax, Carbon Tax and Flood Levy are very much on the agenda, pointing to a
'Tax War' on the Australian people.

Interestingly there are even Libertarian leaning intellectuals, who are prepared to look at both
sides of the intellectual coin.

Most particularly on the carbon tax prominent Economist John Humphreys has discussed the
proposition of a carbon tax or Emissions Trading Scheme and been seen to assert that:

a tax is relatively better than a trading system. [1]

What's even more interesting about this is his seemingly contradictory position of opposition to
the current proposal. He even goes onto assert that "It is not a foregone conclusion that we need
a carbon trading scheme or a carbon tax
". [2]

Fast forward a few years and in recent months, there has been a large ground swell of support
from social networking sites like facebook towards opposing the proposed carbon tax.

As a member of the Revolt against the carbon tax, its exciting to see the other side of this war of
taxation. The merry go round of tax and spend isn't going to last and the overriding truth is it will
be more damaging than expected, as government inevitably is.

I think ultimately John Humphrey's position does reflect a very real truth. Whether you
believe in the "Global Warming Science" or not, taxing people to pay for it is bad politics and bad economics.

It seems as if the Tax War is lost because the Australian Greens take control of Australia's senate
from July 1.

If this power shift is not rebalanced either at the next election or at an early election
brought on by a policy or political crisis, Australia's broader economic future maybe in trouble.
This is why individual action is of paramount importance.

Though a small act, I created a "No Carbon Tax" t-shirt link at

Definitely check it out. The battle seems lost, but the war isn't over!

Tim Humphries is a post-graduate journalism student and cabal member, and is
based in Brisbane, Australia.

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