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Posted on: February 15, 2015 - 9:07pm

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to answergame store for providing us with a sample of the sky3DS. Their representative was pleased to work with and incredibly very helpful, the delivery was speedy and I can only praise them for their perfectly customer service. If you would be willing to pick up a sky3DS card from their site, follow this link, it brings you directly to their store. In addition to this device, answergame also provides other flashcarts, modchips, components ever more - take a look at the website for information!


The 3DS card area has been dominated by Gateway nearly since its developped. The factory has has been able to overcome the hard work of cloners (with a few victims along the way), but exactly what they never did beat was the 4.5 firmware restriction or the rather hard process of using the DS Kind flashcart, which by nature required the buyer to choose two flashcards - one for the card set up, another for the roms themselves. Here comes sky3DS, a brand-new tool for your entire backup requirements. So how exactly does it develop against the enormous Gateway? Let's learn how much bang you get for the asking price

Shipment and Packing

The kit started in using DHL must to say, I've never had a package sent to me that quick, especially when considering the truth that it was shipped from China. Shipping only needed three days, so chances are that the "sky" in sky3DS' name stands for some sort of skyrocket propulsion kernel, because that's a many miles and not just a whole lot of time - I expected letting it to take at least one week or two. For this, theydeserve a big thumbs up - it's well-worth it to pay them off additional for quick shipping.

As we discussed from the video above, the card was safely protected by the DHL envelope and an bag with bubble hold. The cartridge is stored in a card board and tender spot box with a simple flap, letting you easily open it up without using clippers. Since I am terribly familiar with packages that take Hulk-like strength to open, I didn't even notice it until my cutting feelings kicked in. However, items for the box, as it is easy to open.

My bundle came in a simple and very little envelope. sky3ds flashcart It shipped via Hong Kong Authorized Airmail, that takes a bit longer, about two weeks usual, your mileage will be different. Over-all, the package was perfectly protected on the road and didn't move around. Since you can see in Foxi4's unboxing above, there's no doubt in my mind that it's a simplistic package. Not a ton of bells and whistles, and sadly no freebies included.

The Card Itself

The sky3DS card is really well-made. The clear plastic isn't too fastidious even if the molding process isn't perfectly standard, the casing does its job perfectly. The connectors are secure with a grill, much like on an original 3DS cartridge, so it's clear that the manufacturers of the cartridge paid tons of attention to detail. About the lip of the cartridge you will find three things - the micro sd card slot (which is not spring-loaded, thus more reliable that its spring-loaded counterparts), a red plastic material button for switching roms and a blue LED light which indicates when cartridge is switching roms. On the front of the cartridge you can see the sky3DS logo with a bit of Trasfo-- *cough* *cough*, I mean, bots, some bots in the background *wink*. Quality is on-par with the exact same products that can be found, there's little to complain regarding that section. The cart took quite a bit of persuasion before I was able to open it up up, this is what treasures I found inside, for all your PCB lovers out there:

As far as my own cartridge was concerned, the chip is very solid. Its build quality is good, but it wasn't great for me. I actually needed to perform some extra work on mine, which had some fairly sharp edges that actually cut skin. Nothing a good old nail filer couldn't take care of, but even so this minor quality blemish raised an eyebrow. The plastic felt solid, but poorly cut. I hope it's a one off scenario. I have to agree though with much of Foxi's details above, as it definitely took a bit of time to open the chip up. The red button felt very cheaply made and didn't feel responsive when in action to change games. It took several tries for me to actually coax a response out of it.