As We Discussed a Day Prior to This Report - GM Has NOT Paid Back Its Bailout, Despite What ABC News Lies

If you listened to the radio show on Monday, December 16th, you heard El G Grande play a report from ABC news in which David Muir tried to tell people that GM had paid back its "bailout", and in which Mr. Muir tried to portray GM as a thriving, expanding business. Gard explained (and we'll publish the podcast of this audio on Wednesday, December 18th) that GM DID not pay back its bailout cash, and he also explained that GM only appeared to be in the black because it was deemed absolved of its corporate taxes for a few years thanks to its bailout deal. To think that a major network can get away with such deceptive "reporting" (aka propaganda) is sickening, but they do it.

Here is a report that came out the day AFTER Liberty Conspiracy radio explained what was really going on re GM. Good for USA today for covering it, and good for Matt Drudge for linking to it!

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